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WNAMM10: New Stuff For The Arturia Origin
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mysticradio    Said...

looks GREAT from front. but dull from the front......... and what the heck are those UGLY horns on either side of the top of the screen....... peeps arent gonna like those. I would have thought people long forgot about ORIGIN.. took them what..... over 4 years to get to the keyboard?

18-Jan-10 01:03 PM

mysticradio    Said...

i mean looks good FACING it.... people audience view looks very dull

18-Jan-10 01:04 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Also don't like the look of that...

I bet the hinge is not going to last forever!

18-Jan-10 02:58 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

The Origin seems to be universally disliked! They have my sympathy.. but I wouldn't want one either!

19-Jan-10 12:53 AM

Nyarlathotep    Said...

Has any one ever touched, played or (even better) program a simple patch on this machine? No ? Okay, just go on kidding... or you can also jump to the next shop and dive in the modular madness. Your choice.

19-Jan-10 04:09 AM

Kevin Nolan, KNECT.    Said...

Not only do you get that amazing control surface and access to Arturia’s wonderful virtual analogue synths, but Arturia have added two STUNNING hardware features that will get you as close to the Yamaha CS80 as you're ever going to get these days - a fabulous ribbon controller (as on the CS80) but which can control a bunch of parameters - and - DUOPHONIC AFTERTOUCH!!

While polyphonic aftertouch can affect parameters on a per-key basis, virtually all keyboards today only apply channel aftertouch; meaning that if you apply pressure to one note than all notes are affected - so for example if you lean in on the melody note for vibrato a held chord in the left hand also receives the vibrato. Of course the beauty and expressive power of the CS80 is that if you lean in on the melody note for vibrato, only that note receives the vibrato and all other chord held notes do not.

Now, with the Origin Keyboard, they've implemented in software a kind of Duophonic aftertouch where if you hold a chord in the left hand and lean in on an upper melody note then only the melody note receives the vibrato (or whatever other parameter responds to aftertouch). This, IMO, is a huge advance in the performance and expressiveness of this instrument. For anyone with the privilege of having played a polyphonic aftertouch synth, and particularly on the CS80 (or CS50 and 60) then you know the benefit - it makes the instrument as wonderfully expressive as a human voice or a violin, for example - it really does make a difference.

So with Duophonic Aftertouch, a Ribbon Controller and the CS80V engine on board, Arturia are IMO bringing back some of the wondrous features of the amazing CS80 in a 21st century package. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

To top it all, since virtually ALL synths - software and hardware - made since the mid 90's respond to polyphonic aftertouch, that will hopefully mean that the Origin Keyboard will make for an equally expressive Duophonic Aftertouch controller keyboard for all available soft and hard synths. Even the Roland JD990, JV2080 and XV5080 respond to polyphonic aftertouch - so having this duophonic aftertouch control on the likes of a JD990 is a dream come true.

Hats off the Arturia for this amazing blend of software and hardware technology that's bang up to date yet is bravely exploiting the “Crème de la Crème� of the golden era of vintage synthesizers. An extremely exciting synth development in an otherwise quite bleak NAMM expo, synthesizer wise.

19-Jan-10 08:03 AM

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