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WNAMM10: Moog Taurus III Video Demo
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool! I wonder if they're going to make a keyboard version as well...

18-Jan-10 09:08 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Amos is the man! Looking forward to delivery of ours in a month's time or so (drooling, actually ...).

18-Jan-10 10:01 AM


I hope it sounds amazing cause it is the most butt ugly product I have seen from moog!

18-Jan-10 10:36 AM


sounds good, but does anyone know how to play the pedals anymore anyhow?

18-Jan-10 11:36 AM

I Love Analogue (Robbie Ryan)    Said...

I'd almost be afraid to touch it with my feet, to be honest...I wonder if that's why there's a bar below the protect the unit?

18-Jan-10 12:26 PM

george jones    Said...

i would suspect to carry the unit. i don't think moog would produce this product if it was fragile to play with your feet. just look at the mp-201

18-Jan-10 07:45 PM

MikeWfromNJ    Said...

Three things great about this product and this video. 1) Amos is eccentric (in a good way) and all of his experience on the LP and Multipedal went into it, it truly is the best of what is old and the best of what is new @ Moog. 2) The guy in the background playing the Voyager (I guessed it was Eric Levy and at the very very end, you see a dude with a Lebowski like beard and a skull cap... could very well be him!!) 3) That I'm one of the lucky 700-some-odd that bought one on pre-order sight unseen and my faith in Moog has come to fruition, this thing is packed with power; great job guys / 'rough edges' forgiven : ) . Who even knows how to play one any more? Well, my Hammond experience should come in handy to start but get ready for a new generation of musicians that will soon master this beast and bring the Bass back to modern music.

18-Jan-10 09:01 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Fascinating. I thought Moog basses were all about sounding sharp and smooth - these don't seem to make sense to me as bass sounds?

I'm curious to see how this works

19-Jan-10 01:01 AM

miley cirus    Said...

he doesn't blink, weird. great walk through though.

21-Jan-10 01:42 AM

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