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WNAMM10: Roland VR-700 Demo
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Dave    Said...

I am not impressed with that organ sound...very digital sounding! Sucky!

18-Jan-10 08:37 AM

kenny    Said...

The only good thing is the girl at the end

18-Jan-10 09:06 AM

Jim    Said...

I just noted they were running through Roland keyboard amps. To my ears that didn't help the sound..........

18-Jan-10 03:15 PM

loneraver    Said...

For a company that produced some of the best sounding synths of all time, I find it kinda sad that I can't remember the last time I got excited for something they presented at NAMM.

18-Jan-10 03:23 PM

Colin    Said...

The product is meh, but I have a question for Nick:

Do you enjoy it more when the product specialist is a real pro like this guy who can give you a fast talking well put together sales pitch, or those people who just let you ask a million questions?

18-Jan-10 05:07 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I think my JV1080 sounds a lot better than this....

18-Jan-10 07:44 PM

Max    Said...

Idiot comments so far. It sounds good. Please!

18-Jan-10 11:24 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

More competition for the Clavia Nord Stage and Korg SV-1

They all have their strangths and flaws. Looks like the VR-700 is best at what it does - practically applied solo backing-track performances and General Midi. The organ interface certainly looks way lovelier than the Nord range. The more £2000-ish pro performance keyboards there are the better, because if you're going to spend that kind of money, you'll want the right one.

19-Jan-10 12:39 AM

Simon Power (video ed)    Said...

Hi, Colin. Thanks for your question. I'm sure Nick will get round to answering you when he gets back tomorrow. For what it's worth, I think the guys like to ask lots of questions to the presenters, so that you aren't just fed corporate details by professional salesmen. But a nicely presented show like this is always appriciated, too. 'Specially when they're a good player like Ed!

19-Jan-10 03:30 AM

Steven Kruyswijk    Said...

Although I love the concept of these things, and I'm sure the developers have put a lot of work into it...

I just can't stand how bland and sterile this is. In comparison to modern production styles this sounds like the umpteenth General Midi box... especially the synth brass. Just painful! Also the Rhodes patch: waaay to barky.

It's a shame we can't seem to get a closer feedback loop between producers/players and synth developers... I guess this is one of the strengths of companies like Spectrasonics.

19-Jan-10 06:44 AM

kenny's friend    Said...

I agree with kenny. Does the girl come with it? Because then I would be interested.

19-Jan-10 08:41 AM

Tim    Said...

Roland has totally lost it. Not only does the new V-stuff sound artificial, but Roland also has dropped customer support. Just check out how Fantom G owners feel about not having bugs fixed and OS updates in 2 years + no new ARX cards released etc. just read forums.

Beware, don't buy Roland.

20-Jan-10 04:24 PM

Dream    Said...

Roland just can't come with something interesting. I don't really know if ROLAND is right with such a synth.

Be aware when you buy ROLAND that you really need what they offer, and test them carefully otherwise you will be disapointed.


21-Jan-10 02:53 AM

Bill    Said...

Seriously, people are making sound quality judgments from a posted online video from an incredibly noisy NAMM show booth? Hilarious. Looks cool to me.

15-Feb-10 10:31 AM

Rockinjoe    Said...

Well, I think the board is amazing, and I'm going to get one, trading my Juno Stage. The ONLY thing I thought was "meh" as you put it was the brass sound....then layering it with the organ....who does that? But my hopes are that they have more brass sounds to choose from. My only other question would be how many sounds can you split and layer at once?

27-Mar-10 07:17 AM

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