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WNAMM10: Stevie Wonder Launches New Kurzweil Synth
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mysticradio    Said...

ya but did they change the GUI ?? or is it the same tired operating system they have always had?

17-Jan-10 02:25 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

This keyboard can't get to Canada quickly enough as far as I'm concerned. Finally - sample importing!!

17-Jan-10 06:41 PM

Rick    Said...

Too bad Stevie couldn't tell us how good the GUI interface is.

18-Jan-10 08:47 AM

Tobias    Said...

The GUI is the same as on the PC3X

18-Jan-10 10:22 AM

yawn    Said...

Is it me or is this thing already obsolete by todays standards???

18-Jan-10 10:26 AM


It's not obsolete. Flash memory for samples is rare in workstations. None of the big three has it. Korg had it on Trinity, but it was only 8 MB.

Nord uses flash memory in their synths, but I find Nord too much overpriced for what it does.

PC3K is a great machine that will most certainly fill a gap while we wait for the full-on new K workstation. I'm getting myself one!

18-Jan-10 10:36 AM

Brother Lou    Said...

Stevie looks like he has gained a lot of wait. Kurzweil should make an exercise machine for him too.

19-Jan-10 08:39 AM

ferran    Said...

Hey Brother Lou d'you mean weight or are you waiting for something, aren't you ? Stevie does not deserve this comment, man.

21-Jan-10 08:43 AM

Fatties United (FU)    Said...

Yup, Stevie is now one of us...a fattie!

22-Jan-10 08:24 AM

Mike Ness    Said...

That guy is super hottt. He should just ditch the synth and pose for Playgirl. Too bad he smokes, though.

26-Jan-10 04:28 AM

selercs    Said...

Nice synth but outdated GUI compared to the Japanese workstations.

I would still get this in a heartbeat because it has Virtual Analog synthesis (VA-1), sampling (finally) and great orchestrals. I just don't know where I will store it since I already have a bunch of keyboards lol.

05-Feb-10 01:47 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I think this thing will replace a lot of gear for me.

09-Feb-10 12:33 AM

Zach    Said...

Rick Said... "Too bad Stevie couldn't tell us how good the GUI interface is."

I say lol ;)

01-Aug-10 06:06 AM

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