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WNAMM10: Mopho Keyboard Video Demo
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Stuart    Said...


15-Jan-10 10:47 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool; still it would be nice to have this with one or two tetra's already built in. Great value though.

15-Jan-10 01:36 PM

tb2media    Said...

nice, what i wanted the mopho to be. easier to use and control. just a tetra with a keys would be nice, but i suspect this is his answer. nice.

15-Jan-10 02:09 PM

robgs    Said...


15-Jan-10 05:11 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I prefer the yellow

16-Jan-10 06:30 AM

Jahmal    Said...

Awesome!! This is just what I was hoping for. I guess it makes more sense to do a Mopho key instead of a Tetra.

I also prefer the yellow. Maybe make one or the other a Special Edition?

@tb2media Isn't that a Prophet '08?

16-Jan-10 07:49 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...


What a nice and polite man!

Just got an "old" MoPho - I thought they never would bring out a version with keys!

I also prefer the yellow one!

16-Jan-10 01:58 PM

Damian    Said...


17-Jan-10 03:36 AM

L N V    Said...

@ Marc JX8P

2 Tetras in a box with knobs? That would be a Prophet your fantasising about?

A 5 voice Tetra by using this synth as a controller is a fab idea.

Im assuming the Mophos controls will be relevant to both synths.

18-Jan-10 07:54 AM

asl    Said...

Actually mopho + tetra add 2 sub osc's + feedback, so no - they aint a prophet08. Also because of that the pro08 lacks bottom end and grit. So a new pro08MK2 with the updates of mopho + tetra functions - yes - that would be the right answer for us analog folks...

22-Jan-10 07:28 AM

ASDR    Said...

Having a keyed Tetra would cut into P08 sales and certainly put it within the same price point (That's not to say I wouldn't want one). Doesn't make much sense seeing that the P08 is sort of their "flagship" product ATM.

As ASL indicated, an MKII of sorts would make a lot more sense.

22-Jan-10 03:34 PM

Brain Salat    Said...

This is buisiness.This year Mopho-Keyboard and next year Tetra-Keyboard.I think he don't want to introduce both in the same year though he can. Same people who buy Mopho-Keyboard this year, will buy tetra-Keyboard next year too.So he can make more money.

23-Jan-10 07:36 PM

Bob    Said...

"make a keyboard with one or two Tetra's built in" ...they do, it's called a Prophet 08

21-Feb-10 06:39 PM

mm    Said...

""make a keyboard with one or two Tetra's built in" ...they do, it's called a Prophet 08"

Ahh - thanx for your great help. So the P08 has Multi Mode with 4-8 MIDI channels & 4-8 seperate audio outputs?

18-Mar-10 12:46 AM

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