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Podcast: Sonic TALK-160 The 70 year Old Synth and NAMM
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mysticradio    Said...

Hollowsun....... makes a NOVACHORD library for KONTAKT 3 .. akai and alesis fusion synths.

07-Jan-10 12:40 PM

Steve Currington    Said...

Hmm.. I had planned to get up on at 5amm Thursday morning (the equivalent time here in New Zealand time zone as your 4pm live time) to participate in the chat room But Bugger I slept through.. Humpf

I spent Xmas and New Year at work (my turn to be on shift over the holiday). I drew short straw and ended up with the graveyard shift (midnight to 8am) so turned on your podcasts and listed to Sonic Talk135 through to the most recent one. I had listened to a few previously especially the more recent ones but redid them all in order.

Great fun. Love the humour (especially Rich's giggle - at least I think it is his) also love the banter.. sometimes pointless and way off subject and sometimes really.

Love the show. Really helped my while away the boring graveyards over the Xmas and New Year great.

Steve New Zealand

07-Jan-10 02:32 PM

Steve Currington    Said...

BTW.. Forgot to add.. I am an expat. Brit living in New Zealand. Originally from Bedfordshire ... now living in Middle Earth, Godzone, Aotearoa (roughly pronounced Ay-Oh-Tea-Ah-Row-Ah)

(grin - enjoying the summer Sun and no snow in sight)

Steve New Zealand

07-Jan-10 03:05 PM    Said...

Did Nick have 300 coffees b4 the show? hehe



07-Jan-10 05:04 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Happy New year guys! Great show again; I stupidly forgot about the show until after the recording... In any case, really enjoyed it and looking forward to the NAMM coverage! Loved Dave's piano joke btw... :-D

07-Jan-10 05:23 PM

Steve Currington    Said...

I am steve currington too! I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.

08-Jan-10 06:08 PM

Steve Currington    Said...


08-Jan-10 06:08 PM

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