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Ableton Halt Dev For Bug Fixes
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zvukoprocessor    Said...

yeah, honest, but a bit late, I had major problems with Live version 7 (and 8), mostly sync and midi timing related. I still use Live for recording (but not for mixing) as it is very quick to setup routings and map midi controllers, as well as for occasional sound processing. But composing, not anymore! I bought akai mpc1k for sequencing and sampling and its perfect, rock solid timing and I can finally concentrate on music and not be a full time computer tech. maybe in a few years I'll buy a new computer and will upgrade to M4L. but the fact is - I don't have to spend 1/1.5k on computer every two years anymore!!! I better spend money on euro modules and not on stuff that becomes obsolete after a while. Anyway, good move, Gerhardt. Live is still the best software out there for composing and playing live, actually, the only real solution for playing live with computers.

30-Dec-09 04:31 AM

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