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Could The iTablet Revolutionize Music Making?
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Velocipede    Said...

Even if it just provides a larger interface for existing iPhone music apps, I think it would be awesome. So many great apps just need more space to be played musically.

29-Dec-09 10:19 PM

Dolphono    Said...

I've just creamed myself. All jokes aside, iTablet will become a production standard. " Could The iTablet Revolutionize Music Making? " INDEED!!!

30-Dec-09 09:24 AM

Henri Sizaret    Said...

well, for a start, it will kill Lemur, unless these guys move quickly to a software based model.

30-Dec-09 10:12 AM

kimplex    Said...

Well, think about Reason -software and how small all the knobs etc. are and how small they would shrink on a sub-10 inch touch screen... nice portability, yes, but what about user friendliness? I am still eagerly waiting for the iWhateveritwillbecalled...

31-Dec-09 03:23 AM

vurnt22    Said...

The iSlate or iTablet is going to be monumental, even without multi-tasking. Just think of the successful porting over BeatMaker, TouchOSC or Jasuto to name just 3 of the many outstanding creative music Apps that are currently available . Many expensive standalone devices are going to be placed under extreme price-pressure, or are going to be suddenly obsolete. The potential for disruption of the control surface retail space is VERY real-Stay Tuned!

04-Jan-10 06:28 AM

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