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Sonic LAB: Mackie Onyx 820i Firewire Mixer
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tb2    Said...

i have considered the 1640i though my worry is just what you said about the firewire. i haven't owned a Mackie Firewire interface yet, and wonder just how stable the system is. what is the lead that caused you issues and what lead works for you?

31-Dec-09 12:33 AM

Nick B    Said...

the 1640i is a heavily featured machine - very nice, but sadly too big for my setup.

I think the first lead was a belkin 800-400, then I just put a 6-pin to 4-in with a little 400-800 adapter which worked better - but was cheaper - go figure

31-Dec-09 04:13 AM

Jon F    Said...

Fantastic review, I've always liked Mackie mixers in the past. Nick have you done a review on the Presonus Studiolive? I'd like to know the difference in it and the Mackie 1640i. Thanks from all tech-heads in Mississippi, U.S.A.

08-Jan-10 08:53 PM

Fretpick    Said...

So it doesn't work with L.E?

28-Jan-10 08:56 AM

Abe    Said...

Dude, this mixer rocks for the price. I was using an apogee duet, until i bought this desk. Now, i have NO use for it. I'm using LP8 & PT-MP and it works flawlessly on my Mac Book Pro 15in (2Ghz, 500Gb, 2G Ram). I have my FW hard-drives daisy chained to the extra FW port, and no problems. Didn't purchase a new FW cable. It comes with an adapter for FW800. Can record to all eight channels, simultaneously. Studio Live feels like a toy, IMO.

20-Mar-10 01:19 PM

marco    Said...

so.. are you saying that this mixer can record all the 8 channels independently?? im using logic pro and i want to record all separated.. can i do this with the 820i?? plase reply to my email im freaking out.. im doing search and more search about this onyx and i cant finf a place where peopple say clearlly that the 820i does multi record separetedly one each channel.. please help thanks..

16-Feb-11 08:42 AM

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