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Amped: Digidesign Eleven Rack
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ShadyDave    Said...

Might I just say:

Great review Great product Manflulol :)

Did you do any recording with it at all? Would be interesting to get some feedback on using it for that purpose.

Get well soon!

23-Dec-09 01:51 PM

Mojo292    Said...

Well done review mate! It's a piece of WIN for sure. Give that manflu a swift kick and have a Happy Christmas!

24-Dec-09 03:10 AM

ZuccheroMorte    Said...

Like the idea behind the product and the review. Just one question though! Where is the bottom end? I have watched EVERY review and post and blog I can find by Mr.Chappers here and I have to say that the sound of this video is lacking. I hope that is why the guitars come across as tinny and processed, and not because the signal was compressed by the unit. If you have the chance to adjust the sound I'd love to hear this one again. Get well soon!

29-Dec-09 06:27 PM

AMRAyw    Said...

if you watch the videos provided by digidesign (the ones with the guy with the orange guitar in the wood room), particularly the one about live setup, he talks about and demonstrates that when plugging into a guitar combo the 11rack should be set to EXCLUDE amp emulation, as you're running into a guitar amp with it's own character anyway... apparently if you don't do this it results in a thin and phasey sound, which I'm afraid (to my ears) it sounds like Rob may not have done(??) I'd like to know, because I agree with ZuccheroMorte that this vid is lacking sonically against Chapper's other fine work in the past. If he DID get the settings right, I am underwhelmed by the sound of the 11rack, which is a dissapointment.

31-Dec-09 04:28 PM

Kaydi    Said...

Good to see a tealnt at work. I can't match that.

18-Sep-11 12:23 PM

Digger    Said...

Frnakly I think that's absolutely good stuff.

19-Sep-11 10:13 PM

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