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Nord Piano Library Expands
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

The one area where Nord really takes a blow is their selection of Rhodes/tines piano samples. They may've been acceptable when first released in 2001, but they're up against a lot now. (Two areas: price)

I am over the moon to see that they've rectified this with XL Rhodes libraries!! If they sound anything like the wonderful XL BlueSwede Upright library, we're in for a treat (and I haven't even heard the String Resonance synthesis yet!). Clavia are such smart guys for making their sample libraries interchangeable - and generous guys for actually releasing additional libraries on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe it might be worth the price after all?

27-Dec-09 05:26 AM

Peter Kadar    Said...

I'm certainly excited to have new sounds to feed into my Nord Stage Compact. I love how Nord keeps updating my OS, and sound library.

I find that the Nord Rhodes sounds are still the best... even the Korg SV-1, which sounds great, to my ears doesn't capture the experience of sitting in front of my vintage rhodes like my Nord Stage does. Nonetheless, I can't wait to hear what they do with the XLR rhodes sounds!!

08-Jan-10 03:09 AM

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