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New Nord Piano
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Memories    Said...

Still lovin' my nord modular. Those days are long done I guess.

21-Dec-09 10:58 AM

gaz    Said...

red colour makes it look like a cheap toy. yes i realise it's clavia's distinctive trademark but people don't want bright red pianos. Fair enough, retain some red accenting but tone it down and make it black!

23-Dec-09 04:58 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'd like to think that they've released this just because I suggested it in an email 6 months ago! I suspect I'm not the only one who wants the delicious Nord pianos/effects without needing the surplus utilities of the StageEX. This will be the perfect companion to an Electro 3 or Wave.. I just know it'll end up costing more than £1000...

By the way, Gaz - nobody who sees my Nords ever assumes they're toys; quite the opposite. I do however associate generic black keyboards with the phrase "bog standard".

26-Dec-09 10:30 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

And another thing..

Studio-folk and guitarists may not realize it - but to a gigging keyboardist, empty real-estate on a keyboard is a valuable thing. DJs put their mixing equipment on tables, guitarists put their pedal-boards on the floor - but where do keyboards players put their peripherals? Hardware effects; additional midi controllers; modules.. You either need to surrender a shelf on your keyboard stand, bring a whole extra stand or try to find an empty surface on top of your keyboard. Granted, it may seem like sacrilege to risk tarnishing the liver on your precious new Nord - but there are two deep, wide, gaping areas on either side of the interface that could easily hold a delay pedal, desktop module or Moogerfooger ring-modulator that would be right at the tips of your fingers. This prospect excites me even more than the (rather hokey looking) control section in the middle.

It's a shame the Wave isn't available as a rack.

26-Dec-09 10:51 PM

[chomub.ini]    Said...

probably some sort of market research is done by Clavia but I would rather expect G3 modular instead of another red grandpa pianoid. Own expanded G2 Engine and it's one of my favourite sound machines

07-Jan-10 06:45 PM

Peter Kadar    Said...

Oh man, a G3 Modular would rock my world! I have a G2 expanded and a G2x and they're incredible machines.

I agree with Benedict about the valuable real estate on the panels... you might be able to fit 2 mini synths up there.. Plus, my Nord Stage looks really sharp on stage with it's red finish. But of course, it's not for everyone, and they have made it a different finish and a deeper red over the years.

The Nord acoustic pianos sound GREAT in the studio, but I find they don't work so well live. Their acoustics are a bit controversial; we'll see how this product does.

I love how they approach their instruments, and I wish them the best.

08-Jan-10 03:01 AM

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