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Yamaha CP Stage Pianos Are Back
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Yamaha wankers    Said...

Yamaha are a bunch of wankers. I have a S70xs and the grands are horrid.... then they have the nerve to make this NEW AMAZING CP1 ..... with amazing piano's..... while we got ripped off on this crappy E6........ go to and see how unhappy people are. They could have put that technology EASILY in the S series. Spoon feeding wankers !!!! ohhhhhhhh sure.... buy both..... carry around another huge keyboard to get the sound you REALLY want. Unbelievable

17-Dec-09 12:43 PM

Robbie    Said...

I LOVE the CP70/80 sound, and I was appalled when the CP33 and CP300 were released with no real CP sounds in them. I since bought a Kurzweil PC3x--in addition to beautiful CP and acoustic piano sounds, it's great in just about every other way.

17-Dec-09 08:14 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

Sounds like Yamaha's response to last year's super-piano from Roland.

For 4500UKP I doubt they could have put that piano into the S-series...unless they charged 6000UKP!!!!

07-Jan-10 04:31 PM

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