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New TC Electronic Audio Interface
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Disgruntled Dude    Said...

Marketing bullcrap FTL. This is obviously a rehashed Konnekt, why is there no mention of this? Personally I've had a *lot* of problems with my 24D, the drivers never seem to really get stable. Buyer beware.

Unless this time it's different... would love to hear if it is.

11-Dec-09 06:49 AM

Jake p    Said...

24d sucked for me to! good sound but drivers just bummed me out.. have fireface now and in happier.. hope they got this one out!

11-Dec-09 08:01 PM

ima    Said...

my d24 broke down one year after purchase. both potentiometers stopped working and followed by firewire failure. contacted tc and got a reply saying that i had to ship it to an authorized repair facility and pay $150. clearly was an acceptable since they posted on their site that they were aware of this was a bad batch of potentiometers and they have since stopped using them on the new manufactured unit. so, where does that leave those of us who purchased these lemons?! no more tc product for me.

11-Dec-09 11:25 PM

Another Burnt TC Customer    Said...

I hope nobody is 'brave' enough to be another guinea pig for TC . . . whatever it's release price is, it'll be less than half once it has established its reputation for quality . . . TC is starting from below zero and they had better work hard to try to redeem themselves from the damage they've done to project studios and their wallets over the past few years.

12-Dec-09 06:19 PM

Drake    Said...

Never had an TC interface. but I have a powercore X8 and D-Two delay... TCElectronics has been the best in my opinion.

25-Aug-10 12:03 PM

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