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Review: Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler
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HarryN    Said...

Great review as ever Chappers.

You can pick up the M9's big brother the M13 for just over £300 too - that has four banks of three effects each and an fx loop (so you can 4 cable it into your tube amp putting the delays/verbs etc. after the pre-amp)

08-Dec-09 11:36 AM

Chappers    Said...

Awesome mate - that's 4 more than a 9!! Sounds great to me ;-)

08-Dec-09 08:00 PM

ShadyDave    Said...

The M9 and the M13 are absolutely excellent units - they would have to be for Mr Chapman to like them compared to the roar of a Marshall :)

Great review - but damn you for feeding my GAS !

09-Dec-09 03:34 AM

Mojo292    Said...

Great review, impressive piece of gear!

09-Dec-09 09:54 AM

Cderycke    Said...

One little pile of win! Great effects box for the gigging guitarist!!

09-Dec-09 01:19 PM

Laurie Monk    Said...

Great review... I recognise Shred Medium's special guest star finger appearance! I want one of those boxes!

11-Dec-09 06:18 PM

Soulata    Said...

I prefer M9 over M13, it's about the ideal size, same fx, 3 at once is enough for me.

btw, I bought it as soon as it came out and was surprised to see "bonehead simple" sticker on it. Well, it is dead simple to use and better for it.

12-Dec-09 02:53 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Good to know that the effects are normal Line 6 quality effects, but I'd like to've heard something about the looper!

We don't all want it for guitar effects, ya know!

25-Dec-09 11:48 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

oops, sorry this is of course a guitar effects channel..

25-Dec-09 11:50 PM

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