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Sonic LAB: Sonuus G2M Guitar To MIDI
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Lazar    Said...


02-Dec-09 12:53 PM

Jon Johnson    Said...

I bought as soon as they came out at the end of this past Summer. Everything you said I would echo in agreement. I would add that if you like to play midi guitar making big washy pads using multiple synths/progs, the GM2 does it quite nicely. Also Sonuus demoed the GM2 at last NAMM and were showing one of their primary ideas with it was for guitarist to solo with say Sax patch setup pitch wise and velocity wise one could pull off a solo with it. You can see the vid at youtube. Latency is a big issue with it, but aside from that it's a lot easier to throw this in a gig bag and have some sort of midi for your guitar at a gig than dealing with yet another floor/rack unit to setup and take down.

12-Dec-09 09:15 AM

(Dr) Benben    Said...

I got it, I love it. It's a nice tool to throw some fat atmospheric pads from the guitar and to record midi trqcks on the computer. Plugged straight in my A-station, the latency is OK for solos. Much love to SonicState

18-Dec-09 02:08 PM

lagrangeaudio    Said...

How does it go with chords? can you use it to capture your own strummings to midi?

27-Dec-09 02:59 AM

Donut    Said...

Er, did you read or watch the video at all? Its a single voice- no chords, just one note converter

28-Dec-09 05:47 PM

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