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Gibson Dusk Tiger Is Coming Next Week
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Blue Monster 65    Said...

Now if they would just build an affordable, playable 350ET with P90s - THAT would be news!

01-Dec-09 09:29 AM

Funkdefino    Said...

What he ^ said!

01-Dec-09 11:03 AM

Dave    Said...

Great! rpomised features for DARKFIRE owners doesn't come...but this model has it? Sheesh, Gibson.

01-Dec-09 02:09 PM

Micks    Said...

Seems like more of a tool that a musical instrument.

02-Dec-09 12:22 PM

rill    Said...

i think i might need one of these. can the robot tuners handle .014 gauge strings?

02-Dec-09 06:03 PM

Ben55    Said...

I'll buy one. It'll blend nicely with my basement wall wood paneling once I hung them in my custom wall bracket.

03-Dec-09 06:25 AM

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