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RØDECaster Pro II In White
RØDE introduces a new edition of the audio production console for creators

26-Jun-24    full story...

  NAMM 2024: RODE - Mackie Acquisition
RODE and Mackie. Two companies are better than one.

27-Jan-24    full story...

RØDE Aquires Mackie
RØDE Microphones announces the acquisition of the American pro audio company

05-Dec-23    full story...

RØDE Releases New Edition Of The NT1
NT1 Signature Series is the latest iteration of the condenser microphone

07-Nov-23    full story...

RØDE Releases A Range Of Products In White
Limited-edition range includes the RØDECaster Duo, PodMic, PSA1+ and NTH-100

31-Oct-23    full story...

RØDE Releases RØDECaster Duo
Compact version of the RØDECaster Pro II

16-Jun-23    full story...

RØDE Releases The Streamer X
The world's first integrated audio interface, video capture card and control surface

26-May-23    full story...

RØDE Launches Wireless ME & RØDE Capture
Grab-and-go wireless microphone and iOS video app

04-Apr-23    full story...

RØDE Announces The NT1 5th Generation
New version of the studio condenser microphone offers XLR and USB connectivity

21-Feb-23    full story...

RØDECaster Pro II is now available
All-in-one audio solution ships

15-Jun-22    full story...

Rødecaster Pro II Adds More Pro
Podcasting studio hardware gets a significant update

24-May-22    full story...

RØDE Announces Its First Headphones
NTH-100 professional over-ear headphones are revealed

29-Mar-22    full story...

Wireless GO II Single Set Edition
RØDE releases a version of their wireless microphone system with just one transmitter

14-Jan-22    full story...

RØDE Introduces VideoMic GO II
Ultra-lightweight and compact shotgun microphone

11-Jan-22    full story...

Ultra-Compact Portable Audio Interface
RØDE releases the AI-Micro

03-Nov-21    full story...

RØDE Connect Udated
Version 1.3 podcasting and streaming software unlocks compatibility with the VideoMic NTG

27-Oct-21    full story...

RØDE Updates Wireless GO II
Compact mic can now be be used with RØDE Central Mobile app & RØDE Connect

15-Oct-21    full story...

Microphone Mount Gets A Revamp
RØDE releases the PSA1+ professional studio arm

07-Oct-21    full story...

RØDE Expands VideoMic Me Range
VideoMic Me-C microphone for USB-C mobile devices is now available

01-Apr-21    full story...

Røde Go II Mic Doubles Up - 2 Mics and Recording
And audio interface

24-Feb-21    full story...

Complete iOS Compatibility For VideoMic NTG
MFi-certified and RØDE releases the SC15 USB-C to Lightning cable

03-Nov-20    full story...

RØDE Launches Four New Mic Accessories
DCS-1, SC10, SC11 and SC16 for the Wireless GO and VideoMic range

26-Aug-20    full story...

My RØDE Reel Returns
World's largest short film competition offers $1 million in cash

30-Jul-20    full story...

Its The Annual RØDE Podcasting Competition
My RØDE Cast - 150k worth of prizes up for grabs

04-May-20    full story...

Free Ambisonic Sound Library
RØDE Microphones launches ibrary of ambisonic recordings to use in your projects

27-Apr-20    full story...

RØDE Introduces Compact USB Microphone
NT-USB Mini features a class-compliant USB output for direct recording to a computer or tablet

11-Feb-20    full story...

RØDECaster Pro And The Electro-Voice RE20
New preset is designed to make the RE20 shine in vocal applications on the console

31-Oct-19    full story...

New RØDE Shotgun Mic
NTG5 is designed for high-quality location recording

25-Oct-19    full story...

Do You Have Golden Ears?
Take Rode's interactive quiz to find out and maybe win a prize

16-Oct-19    full story...

RØDE Launches RS-1 Recharge Station
Recharge your TX-M2 Wireless Microphone and LB-1 Lithium-Ion Battery

29-Aug-19    full story...

RØDECaster Pro Update
Version 2.0 firmware introduces over 25 new features

28-Aug-19    full story...

RØDE Intros TF-5 Small Diaphragm Condenser
Designed in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning sound engineer Tony Faulkner

05-Jun-19    full story...

RØDECaster Pro Update
Podcast production studio gets multitrack recording direct to SD cards

30-Apr-19    full story...

World's Smallest Wireless Microphone System
RØDE launches Wireless GO

05-Apr-19    full story...

RØDECaster Pro Multitrack Recording Is Here
A major firmware update has added the feature to the podcast production console

28-Feb-19    full story...

Win Big With Røde Podcast Competition
$150k Worth of prizes to the talented podcaster

11-Feb-19    full story...

NAMM 2019: RØDECaster Pro Goes Multitrack
Firmware update 1.1.0 includes a more user-friendly interface and multitrack recording

24-Jan-19    full story...

RØDE Launches Podcast-Ready Dynamic Mic
PodMic complements the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

20-Dec-18    full story...

Editor For Roland XV- Racks Synths
Patch Base adds the XV-5080, XV-3080, XV-5050, and XV-2020

20-Dec-18    full story...

RØDE Microphones Ships RØDECaster Pro
8-Channel Podcast Production Studio hits the stores in December

30-Nov-18    full story...

NAMM 2018: RØDETest
New range of professional acoustic measurement microphones announced

25-Jan-18    full story...

RØDE Microphones Intros First Audio Interface
AI-1 is available as part of RØDE's Complete Studio Kit with the NT1 mic

05-Dec-17    full story...

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