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Plug-Ins Inspired By Ondes Martenot Speakers
XILS-lab releases Les Diffuseurs bundle

15-Apr-24    full story...

XILS-lab Releases New Multi-FX
Ring'X features six slots to place effects into

03-Oct-23    full story...

XILS-lab Updates PolyKB III
New hi-res UI, Apple Silicon compatibility and more

16-Mar-23    full story...

XILS-lab Updates PolyM
PolyM 1.5 released with launch offer

08-Feb-22    full story...

XILS Audio PolyM 1.5 Released
Intro pricing throughout February

05-Feb-22    full story...

XILS-lab updates Chor'X
Spatializer chorus plug-in version 2.0 release

07-Oct-21    full story...

XILS-lab Releases KaoX Virtual Instrument
Inspired by a legendary FM synth bolstered by virtual analogue and chaotic algorithms

13-Apr-21    full story...

Rare Seventies Vocoder Emulated
XILS 201 vocoder takes inspiration from the Sennheiser VSM 201 used by Kraftwerk

03-Jul-20    full story...

1970s Paraphonic String Machine Reimagined
XILS 505 is inspired by the Roland RS-505

23-Jan-20    full story...

XILS-lab Updates Polytimbral Synth
v2.5 of Syn'X 2 adds new features

07-Jan-20    full story...

XILS-lab Updates PolyKB
PolyKB III v3.5 is now available

21-May-19    full story...

XILS-lab Updates Dual VCS3-Inspired Synth
XILS 4 v1.5 matrix modular soft synth gets new features

03-Dec-18    full story...

XILS-lab Updates PolyM
Polymoog-based soft synth gets new preset manager and other features

03-Oct-18    full story...

  Sonic LAB: XILS Labs Poly M
Polymoog style virtual synth plug-in

07-Aug-17    full story...

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VST Live 2 and Live Performing

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Classic 80's digital

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A GoFundMe page has been set up to help during this challenging time.

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Limited Run- the final in the Murmux Trilogy

Inside Superbooth 2024 

Behind The Scenes with Sonicstate

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VST Live 2 and Live Performing

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Aodyo Loom

Raspberry PI5 Hardware VST Host 

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