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Jason Miles Patches For The Sequential OB-6
ILIO releases a new collection - Jason Miles 100 Ultimate OB-6 Patches

08-Mar-24    full story...

New Patch Library For Omnisphere
ILIO releases Heatseeker, sound designed by MIDIhead

06-Nov-23    full story...

Chart Toppers Patch Library For Omnisphere
ILIO releases The Fame Series: Modern Pop 2

31-May-23    full story...

ILIO Hosts Giveaway
Win Keyscape from Spectrasonics and a Roland A-88 MKII 88-key Keyboard Controller

18-Jan-23    full story...

New ILIO Patch Library for Omnisphere
Minimal takes advantage of Omnisphere's more aesthetic side

21-Dec-22    full story...

Two Free Omnisphere Patches For Halloween
Created from NASA's sonification of a Black Hole

26-Oct-22    full story...

ILIO Hosts Guitar Recording Giveaway
Win Overloud's TH-U, a PRS Electric Guitar, and an SSL Audio Interface

12-Sep-22    full story...

SWAM Demystified
Tutorial Series from Ask.Video explains Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling

03-Aug-22    full story...

More Patches For Omnisphere 2
ILIO releases Waverunner Patch Library

25-May-22    full story...

Win Omnisphere 2 And A Novation Summit
ILIO hosts a giveaway celebrating International Synthesizer Day

27-Apr-22    full story...

Add Some Steel Pans To Your Productions
ILIO introduces Andy Narell Steel Pans - The Ellie Mannette Collection

31-Mar-22    full story...

Ethereal Soundscapes For Omnisphere 2
ILIO Releases Electric Dreams

02-Mar-22    full story...

Bi-Directional Sonics For Omnisphere 2
ILIO releases Elevator patch library

20-Sep-21    full story...

Delta Sound Labs Introduces Fold
Unique distortion synthesis plug-in utilises wavefolding at its core

21-Jan-21    full story...

New Patches For Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
ILIO releases Oblivion's Edge set of dystopian and sci-fi soundscapes

29-Oct-20    full story...

Indie Pop Synth Tones For Omnisphere 2
ILIO releases The Fame Series: Indie Pop in collaboration with U.K. producer Reverb Machine

26-Jun-20    full story...

How to Patch Spectrasonics Omnisphere
7 Days of Sound Design is a new series on sound design techniques with the synth

05-Jun-20    full story...

Radio-Ready Patches For Omnisphere 2
ILIO releases Modern Pop patch library for the Spectrasonics synth

23-Apr-20    full story...

Classic Synth Sounds For Omnisphere 2
The Fame Series: Classic Sounds pays homage to famous synth sounds from the past

03-Mar-20    full story...

Stream - A Time-Based Linear Granulator
ILIO releases plug-in in a new partnership with Delta Sound Labs

26-Nov-19    full story...

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Patches By BT
ILIO Releases BT-Modern Wave - Retro-Modern Analog Synthesizer Tones

29-Oct-19    full story...

Free Patches For Synthogy's Upright Pianos
ILIO releases Secret Piano patch collection for Ivory II-Upright Pianos

09-Oct-19    full story...

Name That Synth
Identify 16 hardware synths in ILIO's contest for a chance to to win a Spectrasonics product

16-Oct-18    full story...

The Cutting Edge Of Modular Synthesis For Omnisphere 2
ILIO introduces new Hardwired patch library

30-Jun-17    full story...

More Sounds For Omnisphere 2
ILIO releases Fire Water patch collection with synth basses, leads, pads and more

29-Apr-16    full story...

Breathe New Life Into Virtual Instruments
ILIO is now distributing the Hornberg hb1 MIDI Breath Station

22-Apr-16    full story...

Synthogy Promo Offers Free Pianos
Get an Ivory II-Italian Grand or Ivory II-American Concert D

26-Nov-15    full story...

New Patch Collection For Omnisphere
ILIO releases EDM Eclipse: Solar

11-Jul-14    full story...

New Patch Collection For Omnisphere
ILIO releases EDM Eclipse: Lunar

20-Mar-14    full story...

New Patch Collection For Spectrasonics Onnisphere
ILIO releases Ascension - Risers and Swells

31-Jul-13    full story...

Win A Focusrite Forte Audio Interface
Purchase MAGMA in April for a chance to win

15-Apr-13    full story...

New Patch Library For Spectrasonics Omnisphere
ILIO announces EDM-Ignition

01-Mar-13    full story...

WNAMM13: Jordan Rudess Endorsing Live
See Jordan with Mike Garson and Nick Smith at ILIO's NAMM booth

22-Jan-13    full story...

Ilio Bundle Offer
Buy AAS Chromaphone and Nomad Factory Echoes together for 20% discount

20-Jul-12    full story...

Special Offer On Ocean Way Drums
Savings of up to $100 for a limited time

05-Jul-12    full story...

ILIO Posts Video Postcard From NAMM
Spectrasonics, Vienna, Synthogy, and More on ILIO Booth Tour

29-Mar-11    full story...

WNAMM10: ILIO And Ocean Way Drums Make Deal
ILIO get exclusive rights to distribute Ocean Way Drums products worldwide

22-Jan-10    full story...

Cash For Coasters
ILIO offer discounts to anyone looking to upgrade from their old sample CDs

11-Sep-09    full story...

WNAMM09: 15 Years Of ILIO
Company celebrates anniversary at the show

15-Jan-09    full story...

NAMM: Ilio Demos Ivory Piano Plugin
Over 32 gigs of sampled pianos

23-Jan-05    full story...

NAMM: Ultimate Sound Bank Introduce -Charlie
Retro classic electric organs produced on your computer

16-Jan-04    full story...

NAMM: Sonic Reality Release I-Drums
New drum sample collection released

16-Jan-04    full story...

NAMM: Ilio show off Ivory
New Virtual Piano sees the light of day

16-Jan-04    full story...

ILIO Have Phat Fingers
And other new sample CDs besides

31-Oct-02    full story...

AES: Vienna Symphonic Library Demoed
Wow, a sampled orchestra that actually sounds real.

08-Oct-02    full story...

Vienna Symphonic Library Available Through ILIO
Orchestral sample library offers an unprecedented 1.5 million tones

28-Aug-02    full story...

NAMM: A New Kirk Hunter String Library Soon
Filling out the already great "Virtuoso Strings" library.

21-Jan-01    full story...

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