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GForce Releases Oberheim OB-1
New OB-1 emulation is designed in collaboration with Oberheim

12-Jul-24    full story...

GForce Software Introduces impOSCar3
The Legacy Synthesizer Returns with New Features

05-Jun-24    full story...

GForce Official Release DMX Drums
Classic Oberheim drum machine plug-in

30-Apr-24    full story...

GForce Software Introduces VSM IV
New version of the Virtual String Machine introduces many new features

21-Mar-24    full story...

Sonic LAB: GForce Software Axxess Synth Review
Supercharged mono synth as plug-in

09-Feb-24    full story...

GForce Introduces The AXXESS Synth
Fat Poly Synth based on the ARP AXXE

19-Dec-23    full story...

Competition: Win 3 For 3 GForce Software Plugins
Three lucky winners can choose any three

07-Nov-23    full story...

Sonic LAB: GForce Software OB-X Patch Flip
The new official emulation, endorsed by Oberheim

03-Nov-23    full story...

GForce Software Releases Oberheim OB-X
The world's first officially endorsed emulation of the famous 80s synth

13-Oct-23    full story...

GFORCE SEM v1.6 Out Now
UI overhaul, patch library and more

29-Sep-23    full story...

GForce Software Release M-Tron Pro IV
Classic plug-in gets the full update with 50% off

30-Jun-23    full story...

Patch Flip: GForce Software Minimonsta 2
New features, new patches

21-Mar-23    full story...

Get M-Tron Pro with 50% OFF
Part of the Minimonsta2 launch sale

21-Mar-23    full story...

Presentation: GForce Software Oddity V3 With Dave Spiers
Chat, background and sounds

21-Nov-22    full story...

GFORCE Software Oddity3 Is Out
Scalable UI, Preset Browser new FX and macros

01-Nov-22    full story...

GForce Software Release Oberheim SEM For Tom's Birthday
Single voice, old school in collaboration with Oberheim

07-Jul-22    full story...

Sonic LAB: GForce Software OB-E Overview
A loveletter to the 8 voice Oberheim

12-Mar-22    full story...

Gforce Virtual OB 8 Voice - OB-E Officially Released
Today's the day

23-Feb-21    full story...

GForce Software Tease New OB-E Monster Poly
Cheeky bait and switch

20-Feb-21    full story...

M-Tron Pro Gets New Banks From Newly Found Rare Tapes
Including Jack Bruce, Steve Hackett -50% off till 12th September

05-Sep-18    full story...

GForce Release Chamberlin For Reason
The ChamberTron-RE Rack Extension emulates the forerunner to the Mellotron

27-Sep-17    full story...

GForce Software Re-Strings - Vintage Strings For Reason Rack Extension

11-Apr-17    full story...

Gforce Software 50% Off M-Tron Expansion Packs
Till 5th April

30-Mar-17    full story...

M-Tron Streetly Tapes Vol 3 Now Available
More vintage tapes for your Tron

09-Feb-16    full story...

Streetly SFX Console Tapes For M-Tron Pro
GForce Software special offer till 24th April

26-Mar-15    full story...

  First Look: GForce Software Oddity2 Virtual ARP Odyssey
2 years in development

16-Dec-14    full story...

GForce Oddity 2 Announced - Chance To Win Arp AXXE
Authentic Odyssey emulation packed with new features

06-Nov-14    full story...

Sale: 50% Off M-Tron Pro This Week
Ultimate Mellotron virtual reduced

27-Jun-14    full story...

Dot Com Modular Synth Jam
From GForce Software's new baby

23-Apr-13    full story...

Ultravox Backstage Tour From GForce Software
Soundcheck footage

02-Oct-12    full story...

GForce Re-Tron Reason Rack Extension
Featuring original Streetly tapes

12-Jul-12    full story...

Vintage Streetly Tapes For M-Tron
Vol 1 - 24 banks from the original EMI tapes

01-Dec-11    full story...

GForce Software On The Chamberlin
And the ChamberTron M-Tron pack

06-Sep-11    full story...

impOSCar2 Nine In-Depth Videos
Tune in and take some time

08-Jul-11    full story...

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