News / From: Expressive E
Geert Bevin On The Expressive E Osmose
First impressions, tips, MidiWrist connectivity and a short performance

19-Jun-24    full story...

Expressive E Releases Noisy 2 MPE Synth
New synth's next-gen MPE mode goes way beyond regular MPE integration

09-May-24    full story...

Osmose In Action With Flying Lotus
Expressive E posts a new video in their Artists meet Osmose series

15-Jan-24    full story...

OMG - WIN An OSMOSE From Expressive E and More
Its competition time..

13-Dec-23    full story...

Friday Fun: Expressive E Osmose Synth Jam
With the Boss RC-505 MKII

01-Dec-23    full story...

Lets Get Physical With Expressive E Imagine Update
Free sounds, native M1/M2 support

25-Jul-23    full story...

Superbooth 2023: Expressive E - Osmose
The Osmoses are being shipped out to the world

13-May-23    full story...

  NAMM 2023: Osmose Sounds Only
Jim takes a look

20-Apr-23    full story...

The BIG OSMOSE Video - Sonic LAB Presentation
Gaz Williams asks the quesions

05-Jan-23    full story...

New Osmose Sound Design Video Shows Progress
Looks like we're getting close

30-Sep-22    full story...

Superbooth 21: Osmose Update - Nearing Completion
And its looking good

23-Sep-21    full story...

Superbooth 21: Expressive E Imagine Physical Modeling VA
Unique and well implemented

16-Sep-21    full story...

Superbooth 21: Expressive E - Osmose Update
Nearly there..

16-Sep-21    full story...

Expressive E Launch Imagine - An Impressive Modelling Collab With AAS
Multi-dimensional acoustic tones

13-Sep-21    full story...

Osmose Demos Pressure Weighted Portamento
And it sounds great

19-Mar-21    full story...

New NOISY Synth From Expressive E
Physical Modelling and Subtractive Synthesis

17-Dec-20    full story...

Expressive E Releases Lié 1.5
Plus a free Carbon sound expansion for all owners of Touché or MPE Collection

14-Aug-20    full story...

NAMM 2020: Expressive E NAMM News
New release plans include a new software synth and update of Touché's software ecosystem

15-Jan-20    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Expressive É Osmose - First Look
Augmented Keyboard with expression and sounds

02-Dec-19    full story...

Expressive E Announces OSMOSE - Next Level Expressive Keyboard
With in-built EaganMatrix Synth

20-Nov-19    full story...

Expressive E Are Teasing A New Keyboard Controller
And people are excited

13-Nov-19    full story...

Sounds For MPE Controllers
Expressive E releases the MPE Collection for all MPE controllers

22-Oct-19    full story...

Free Expressive E Presets For Massive X
20 sounds that come alive when paired with Expressive E's Touché or Touché SE Controllers

11-Sep-19    full story...

NAMM 2019: Expressive É Arché - Bowed Instrument Emulation
Combined with Touché for authentic bowing

31-Jan-19    full story...

Expressive E Introduces Arché Collection
New plug-in suite features physical models of Violin, Viola and Cello.

17-Jan-19    full story...

Expressive E Announces Touché SE
A refined, affordable, USB-only version of Touché for software applications

17-Sep-18    full story...

Expressive E Add New Sounds To Touché Instrument
Taking advantage of the multi-axis controller

22-Jun-18    full story...

Touche Now Works With Windows
Lié software

08-Dec-17    full story...

  Presentation: Expressive E Touché
A good look at the controller

25-Sep-17    full story...

Expressive E Update Touche Package
New Preset mapping for many instruments and more

22-Sep-17    full story...

  NAMM 2017: Expressive E Touche controller
Software development for Touche expression controller

22-Jan-17    full story...

  NAMM 2016: Touché - The Super Sensitive Expressive Device
We finally get to see it

22-Jan-16    full story...

NAMM 2016: Expressive E Touché Unveiled
Official video and specifications released for new controller

22-Jan-16    full story...

High Praise New Controller Touché - Little Info though
Ade Utley, Matt Robertson, John Baggot all waxing lyrical

18-Jan-16    full story...

Peter Zinovieff On A New Expressive Synthesizer Controller
Touché - Sounds interestesting more details soon

08-Jan-16    full story...

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