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The Latest Vostok2020 Is Now Available
Analogue Solutions stocks the first batch of the augmented semi-modular synth

14-Jan-20    full story...

Synthfest 2019: OMG - Its Colossus
Analogue Solutions mahoosive new synth

07-Oct-19    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Analogue Solutions Impulse Command
Unusual desktop analogue instrument

12-Jul-19    full story...

New Synth From Analogue Solutions - Impulse Command
Full analogue path

29-Mar-19    full story...

Analogue Solutions Names New Synth
Impulse Command is a stereo synth

28-Mar-19    full story...

Analogue Solutions Teases New Synth
Check out the video...

26-Mar-19    full story...

Analogue Solutions Polymath In Action
Sounds From The Shed shows the paraphonic modular synth 'doin' its thang'

06-Nov-18    full story...

Synthfest 2018: Analogue Solutions Generator Step Sequencer
First batch now shipping

08-Oct-18    full story...

Generator Step Sequencer Now Available
Analogue Solutions releases a second batch of its CV-Gate analogue step sequencer

17-Sep-18    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Analogue Solutions Treadstone Synth Voice
Eurorack version

16-Jul-18    full story...

New Analogue Solutions Step Sequencer
Generator is a multi-channel analogue sequencer for use with your modular

09-Jul-18    full story...

Analogue Solutions Treadstone For Eurorack
Synth voice now available for the rack

20-Jun-18    full story...

Behind The Scenes Of That Pet Shop Boys Opportunities Cover
How it was made

20-Jun-18    full story...

  Meet The Makers: Tom Carpenter of Analogue Solutions
It all starts with the front panel design

24-May-18    full story...

Crazy Pet Shop Boys Recreation With Original Instruments
Analogue Solutions - 2x Fairlight, Emulator, DX and more

21-May-18    full story...

Superbooth 2018: Analogue Solutions New Sequencer Prototype
And the Treadstone mini synth

08-May-18    full story...

Analogue Solutions Dr Strangelove Ring Mod Demo
Nice demo processing vocals

20-Apr-18    full story...

Analogue Solutions Is 25 Years Old
Synth maker's 25th anniversary celebration begins with SUPERBOOTH18 synth showcase

06-Apr-18    full story...

Desktop Analog Monosynth Ships
Analogue Solutions has released the Treadstone synthBlock

22-Jan-18    full story...

Analogue Solutions Treadstone synthBlock
Third model in the synthBlock series is coming soon

01-Dec-17    full story...

  Synthfest 2017: Analogue Solutions New Synth Blocks
Mr Hyde, Strangelove and Treadstone synth voice

09-Oct-17    full story...

Fusebox Analogue Monosynth Pre-Ordering
Analogue Solutions are taking orders for the second batch of the 3-VCO synth

09-Oct-17    full story...

  Synthesea: Analogue Solutions Fusebox First Look
We talk to Tom Carpenter about the new Synth

12-Jun-17    full story...

Analogue Solutions Have Something Orange Coming -Fusebox
Debut set for Synthesea Hastings UK this weekend

09-Jun-17    full story...

Nyborg-24 Analog Monosynth Now Available
Analogue Solutions ships analog monosynth module with Moog-style filter

13-Oct-15    full story...

Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 In Action
Oberheim SEM-style monosynth in new video demo

26-Mar-15    full story...

Analog Solutions Nyborg 12 Ships
SEM style filter synth is now available

04-Feb-15    full story...

New Eurorack Multimode Filter
Analogue Solutions releases the Telemark multimode filter module

27-Oct-14    full story...

Analogue Solutions Polymath Synth In Action
Watch the latest demo video

13-May-14    full story...

Christmas Synth Tune: Analogue Solutions PolyMath Night
Featuring Christine Anderson

20-Dec-13    full story...

Paraphonic Modular Synth
Analogue Solutions Polymath is available for pre-order

16-Sep-13    full story...

The Human League Acquires A New Analogue Synth
Synthpop pioneer Phil Oakey takes a liking to the Telemark V2 semi-modular

11-Sep-13    full story...

Vince Clarke Just Can't Get Enough Synths
Collection now includes an Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S analogue monosynth/step sequencer

06-Dec-12    full story...

Station Q Analogue Step Sequencer
Who Needs More Than 8 Steps, Anyway?

24-May-11    full story...

New Modular Analog Synth
Analogue Solutions announce Tereshkova

29-Apr-10    full story...

New MIDI Hardware Step Sequencer
Analogue Solutions Introduce Europa featuring TR808/606 style programming

05-Feb-10    full story...

Hardware Analogue Monosynth
Analogue Solutions Leipzig is now available

06-May-08    full story...

MESSE:New Vostok Modular On Show
It's portable and has EMS style matrix patching - nice!

16-Mar-02    full story...

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Performance delay/filter with Ninja Tune

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Sonic LAB: Soma Pulsar-23 Drum Machine 

Another warped instrument from Vlad

Sonic LAB: Erica Synths Zen Delay 

Performance delay/filter with Ninja Tune

Sonic LAB: Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer 

The new flagship mono from Dave and the team