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FXpansion Releases BFD Metal Snares
A collection of premium metal-shell snare drums for BFD3

19-Sep-16    full story...

Geist Beat Production System Updated
FXpansion releases Geist2 step-sequencer and sample-­based drum machine

20-May-16    full story...

Extra Horsepower For BFD
FXpansion boosts BFD3 drum software with BFD Horsepower expansion pack

05-Apr-16    full story...

New Version Of FXpansion Strobe Synth
Strobe2 analogue-modelled polysynth for Mac and Windows offers many enhancements

14-Sep-15    full story...

Concert Percussion For BFD
FXpansion releases BFD Orchestral expansion pack

13-May-14    full story...

Old Drum Machines Sampled For Geist
FXpansion releases Geist Expander: Vintage DrumBox

10-Mar-14    full story...

Monosynth For Reason
FXpansion releases Tres Rack Extension

14-Oct-13    full story...

BFD3 Released
The third generation of FXpansion's software acoustic drum studio

01-Oct-13    full story...

Creative Delay Plug-In
FXpansion releases Bloom in VST, AU and RTAS formats

04-Mar-13    full story...

Distortion And Tone Shaper
FXpansion releases Maul Plug-In for OSX and Windows

27-Sep-12    full story...

Free Circuit-Modelled Compression Plug-In
FXpansion releases DCAM FreeComp for Mac and Windows

19-Jul-12    full story...

FXpansion's ETCH For $20
FXpansion and team up for a no-brainer deal on filtering plug-in

09-Jul-12    full story...

New Software Drum Machine
FXpansion Tremor features powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing

10-Jan-12    full story...

Titanium Drums For BFD
FXpansion release the BFD Dunnett Ti Expansion Kit

21-Apr-11    full story...

FXpansion Half Price Sale
Sale on download-only expansion packs for owners of BFD2, BFD Eco, DCAM: Synth Squad, GURU and Geist

13-Dec-10    full story...

New Sounds For DCAM: Synth Squad Fusor
FXpansion introduce Myagi: Ferocity

13-Dec-10    full story...

Geist Priced
FXpansion's next-generation sampling instrument is now available

19-Nov-10    full story...

New BFD Expansion Pack
FXpansion introduce BFD Jazz Maple

18-Nov-10    full story...

FXPansion Releases Geist Teaser
But Just What Is 'Geist'?

28-Oct-10    full story...

2 BFD Expansion Packs
FXpansion introduce BFD Sleishman Drums and BFD Sleishman Drums

06-Jul-10    full story...

City Of Drums And Beats
FXpansion release a GURU expansion pack

28-Jun-10    full story...

Name That Tune, Win A Prize
Fxpansion announces the DCAM: Synth Squad - Name that tune competition

01-Jun-10    full story...

Software Instrument For Acoustic Drums
FXpansion introduces BFD Eco

04-May-10    full story...

New Preset Pack For DCAM: Synth Squad
FXpansion announces Electric Himalaya: Antiquity

28-Apr-10    full story...

More Signature Snares
BFD Signature Snares Vol.2 released

12-Mar-10    full story...

BFD Gets Heavy
FXpansion release BFD Heavy, a BFD2 expansion pack with weighty drums for heavy rock, metal and other styles

16-Feb-10    full story...

FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad Demo Now Available
Preview Four Soft Synths For Mac & Windows

15-Nov-09    full story...

Drum Cocktail
FXpansion introduce BFD Cocktail Expansion Kit based on the Yamaha Hipgig portable drumkit

09-Oct-09    full story...

New Snares For BFD2
BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 features a collection of Yamaha artist signature snares

11-Sep-09    full story...

New Yamaha Kit For BFD2
FXpansion announces the BFD Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit

05-Aug-09    full story...

A Suite Of Advanced Synthesizer Instruments
FXpansion announces DCAM: Synth Squad

24-Jul-09    full story...

New BFD Expansion Kit
BFD Oak Custom Expansion Kit features a Yamaha Oak Custom drum kit and Bamboo snare

28-Apr-09    full story...

  WNAMM09: BFD 2.1 More Features, More Kits
FXpansion add more FX, kit building improvements, load on demand

29-Jan-09    full story...

  WNAMM09: FX Pansion Unveil New Component Modeled Synths
D-CAM Suite: Strobe, Cypher, Amber and Fusor

22-Jan-09    full story...

WNAMM09: Synth Squad
FXpansion Announces the D-CAM: Synth Squadsuite of advanced synthesizer instruments

15-Jan-09    full story...

WNAMM09: Acoustic Drum Software Updated
FXpansion announces BFD2.1

15-Jan-09    full story...

Expansion Kit For BFD2
BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit features a hand-made, custom kit from XDrum's Xotica line

27-Aug-08    full story...

Drop The B.O.M.B.
BFD Big Orchestral & Marching Band expansion pack released

18-Apr-08    full story...

Best Drum Production Workstation Ever?
BFD2 is now available

20-Dec-07    full story...

  AESNYC07: BFD Marching Band Soundset
Its called BOM (Big Orchestral Marching band)

16-Oct-07    full story...

  AESNYC07: FXPansion BFD2 Debuts
Uber drum production system for your computer

15-Oct-07    full story...

Beat Box Workstation Updated
FXpansion GURU in version 1.5 with over 50 new features

30-Aug-07    full story...

BFD Percussion Launched
All the percussion you need including a multisampled kitchen sink

03-Nov-06    full story...

Killer Wail
FXpansion release Orca monosynth free of charge to all registered users

26-Oct-06    full story...

  AES06SF: BFD's Percussion Pack Previewed
Massive Percussion library from Fxpansion

07-Oct-06    full story...

  Sounds Expo06: Guru Drum Machine Plug Gets a Workout
It's like a drum machine inside your sequencer

14-Mar-06    full story...

BFD Jazz & Funk Collection Introduced
Latest expansion pack adds even more versatility

01-Mar-06    full story...

Fxpansion Release VST to RTAS Adapter Version 2.0
Use VST effects and instruments seamlessly in Pro Tools

17-Feb-06    full story...

Contemporary Country Beats For BFD
Program that Nashville groove...

17-Jan-06    full story...

AES: FXpansion FXpands BFD
New Kit

29-Oct-04    full story...

  WNAMM04: Tommy Lee X-Rates New FXpansion Drum Library
BFD from FXpansion obviously rocks.

19-Jan-04    full story...

Fxpansion Does It Again With VST to RTAS Adapter
Another break-through product from UK software developer

05-Jan-04    full story...

FXpansion's New Acoustic Drum Module
Mix mics and grooves with new plug-in

06-Oct-03    full story...

FXpansion Bring VST To OSX Audio Units
New adaptor enables VST within Logic and DP

04-Apr-03    full story...

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