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Scorned Wife Puts Ex-Husband's Ibanez On eBay In Hilarious Listing
Let's all heed the lessons of this genius eBay post

24-Jun-14    full story...

NAMM 2014: Tube Screamer Gets A Boost
Ibanez introduces the twin-footswitch TS808DX

03-Feb-14    full story...

NAMM 2014: Cute Combo From Ibanez - TSA5TVR
5-watt combo with a built-in Tubescreamer

27-Jan-14    full story...

Tosin Abasi Demos His Ibanez TAM100 8-String Signature Guitar
8-string genius shows off his 8-string axe

11-Jun-13    full story...

Joe Satriani Shows Us His New Signature Model
See the Candy Apple finished Ibanez JS24P in a new video

13-May-13    full story...

Steve Vai Makes A Great Point About Phrasing
Delivered with signature humor

12-Mar-13    full story...

New Ibanez 8-String Guitar
RG Fixed series is expanded with the RG8

10-Dec-12    full story...

Steve Vai: I Own 262 Guitars Right Now
Vai talks about his whopping guitar collection

19-Nov-12    full story...

The Ibanez Artist Series is Back With New Models
Posh utility guitars back for more

08-Nov-12    full story...

Win the New Ibanez Roadcore Guitar and Thermion Stack
Big giveaway from Dawsons music

07-Nov-12    full story...

Ibanez Introduces The Roadcore
Double cutaway guitar combines retro design with modern playability

26-Oct-12    full story...

Steve Vai Introduces The Ibanez JEM-EVO
Watch the official Ibanez video of the new limited edition model

08-Jun-12    full story...

Chickenfoot Release New Music Video
They need a job apparently

17-Oct-11    full story...

New Guitar Inspired By Paul Gilbert
Ibanez announces the FRM100TR Fireman

11-Oct-11    full story...

Chickenfoot Announce European Tour
Satriani and crew to fly across the pond

10-Oct-11    full story...

Joe Satriani Discusses Chickenfoot Guitar Rig In Interview
Guitarist talks recording, writing, and playing

29-Sep-11    full story...

VIDEO: Chickenfoot Release New Music Video
Big Foot comes from upcoming album

31-Aug-11    full story...

Guitar TV To Stream Vai And Satriani Gig
Benefit For Cliff II will go live

06-Jul-11    full story...

Tour Of Steve Vai's New Studio
Not quite finished yet - but looking good

03-Mar-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Ibanez J Custom
The Ultimate Japanese Made Guitar

15-Jan-11    full story...

  WNAMM11: Ibanez RG Premium
Video Explains All The New Features

14-Jan-11    full story...

Steve Vai Master Class At Guitar Nation 2010
GI host London event in November

22-Oct-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Ibanez Keep It Simple
New fixed bridge Prestige models launched

09-Feb-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Ibanez Expands Montage Range
New standard model added to Montage line of dual acoustic-electrics - sleeker, simpler and more affordable

08-Feb-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Ibanez Expands RGA range
New arch-top solid bodies added including 7- and 8-string models

05-Feb-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Steve Vai 7-String
Ibanez announces the UV77RE Universe 20th Anniversary edition

04-Feb-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Joe Satriani Signature Acoustic
Ibanez announces two Joe Satriani signature acoustic guitars

03-Feb-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Slim And Heavy At The Same Time
That's how Ibanez describe their new SRA bass

03-Feb-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Down-Tuned Heavy Metal Guitars
Ibanez introduces RGD Series

02-Feb-10    full story...

  WNAMM10: Tasty Ibanez Guitars NAMM Stuff
Chappers takes a look at the new beasts

24-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Ibanez Tube Overdrive
Tube King TK999OD Overdrive stompbox features a 12AX7 tube

18-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Weeping Demon Junior
Ibanez WD7JR wah-wah pedal is a more affordable version of the WD7

17-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Amp With A Built-In Tube Screamer
Ibanez launch the TSA15H Tube Amp and matching TSA112C speaker cabinet

17-Jan-10    full story...

Alien Guitars - The Truth is Out There
High spec holographic guitars from the USA

04-Sep-09    full story...

Ibanez Acoustics In Three Colours
AEG25E with quilted maple top available in black, red and sunburst

10-Aug-09    full story...

Ibanez Re-Issue Classic Wah
The WH10V2 makes a comeback with an upgrade

07-Aug-09    full story...

An Evening Of Dialogue And Music With Paul Gilbert
August 12th at the Guitar Center Hollywood

06-Aug-09    full story...

Vai And Satriani Go Sinister
Ibanez introduces first-ever JEM and JS left-handed models

04-Aug-09    full story...

20 Years Of Paul Gilbert Signature Models
Ibanez celebrates by re-issuing PGM300REWH after fan vote

04-Aug-09    full story...

Original Tube Screamer Is Back
SRV and Eric Johnson's overdrive pedal of choice gets a reissue

23-Mar-04    full story...

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