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  SUPERBOOTH 2024: UDO - Super 8 Polysynth
Brand new super-synth from UDO

15-May-24    full story...

  Superbooth 2023: UDO Super Gemini First Look
George gives us a tour

11-May-23    full story...

UDO Release Super Gemini - 20 Voices, Bi-Timbral Flagship Synth
With Binaural oscillators too

09-May-23    full story...

Hazel Mills On Two Super Sixes
Inspired by Steve Reich

13-Feb-23    full story...

Top 3 UDO Super 6 LFO Highlights
From Hazel Mills

09-Sep-22    full story...

UDO ships Super 6 Desktop
Analog-hybrid 12-voice polyphonic synth

29-Nov-21    full story...

New UDO Super 6 Features Demonstrated
Watch Hazel Mills explore the latest firmware

25-Nov-21    full story...

Superbooth 21: UDO Audio Desktop Super 6
No Keyboard, same synth

15-Sep-21    full story...

Sounds For Your Super 6
UDO releases Super 6 Patch Pack 01 with 64 patches

13-Jul-21    full story...

UDO Super 6 Synth Gets A Sequencer
Firmware v0.23 update unlocks the Super 6's built-in sequencer

09-Nov-20    full story...

12 Voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synth is now available

02-Sep-20    full story...

Superbooth 20HE: UDO Audio Workshop Tour With Prototypes
George takes us on a walkthrough the place where these excellent synths are being brought to life

25-Apr-20    full story...

  Sonic LAB: U.D.O Audio Super 6 Synth First Look
Production has begun

17-Dec-19    full story...

Synthfest 2019: UDO Super 6 Synth Is Coming Along
We talk to the devs

07-Oct-19    full story...

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Superbooth 2024: Dreadbox Murmux Adept 8 voice Poly 

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SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...

Never too old for techno

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SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...

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MORE Home Keyboards that are Actually AWESOME Synths! 

Not somewhere you usually look...

Never too old for techno

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Soma Labs Flux - New Instrument Presentation 

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