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Tonehammer Bites The Dust
Demise of sample library provider spawns two new companies

18-Jul-11    full story...

Tonehammer Announces Ambient Guitar
New sound library is a massive collection of sounds derived from a number of different guitars

27-Jun-11    full story...

Washing Machine As A Musical Instrument
Tonehammer releases Laundronium sound library

25-May-11    full story...

Angelic Choir Now Available
Tonehammer releases Liberis

11-Feb-11    full story...

Angelic Choir Available For Pre-Order
Tonehammer announce Liberis availability and pricing

21-Dec-10    full story...

Tonehammer Intros New 'Angelic' Choral Library
A Sneak Peak At Liberis

17-Dec-10    full story...

Dreadful Music Wins Prizes
Tonehammer announces the Shame & Win contest and wants to hear your crappiest efforts

16-Dec-10    full story...

Tonehammer Releases Small Epic Percussion - Volume 2
Second collection of small orchestral percussion is now available

16-Dec-10    full story...

Free Through Christmas - Phonehammer
Tonehammer Unleashes Toy Phone For Kontakt

08-Dec-10    full story...

Free Sounds From The Gnomes
Gnomehammer offers free download of Helium Choir, Snow Drums, Winter Pond, Glockenspiel and more

02-Dec-10    full story...

The Christmas Gnomes Are Coming
Gnomehammer 2010, Dec 1-25

27-Nov-10    full story...

Pink Friday Promotion
Tonehammer offers 30% discount until the end of November 26th

25-Nov-10    full story...

Double Discount Deal
Tonehammer and Samplitude Offer

19-Nov-10    full story...

Grand Piano For Kontakt
Tonehammer release Montclarion Hall Piano

21-Oct-10    full story...

Free Sample LIbrary Promises The Latest Buzz
Tonehammer Releases Bee Sound Set

09-Oct-10    full story...

Grand Piano Done Differently
Tonehammer releases Plucked Grand Piano & Bowed Grand Piano

08-Oct-10    full story...

Tonehammer Intros Bowed Grand Piano
New Library Explores Exotic Piano Textures

20-Sep-10    full story...

Flagship Version Of Virtual Choir Now Available
Tonehammer releases Requiem Pro Cinematic Choir sample library

31-Aug-10    full story...

Virtual Choir Now Available
Tonehammer releases Requiem Light Cinematic Choir sample library

24-Aug-10    full story...

Tonehammer Requiem Pro Teaser
Virtual Choir Gets New Options For Phrasing

13-Aug-10    full story...

Emotional Piano
Tonehammer release a sample library dedicated to soundtrack piano and featuring a world-class grand

19-May-10    full story...

Virtual Choir For Professional Composers
Tonehammer releases Requiem

10-May-10    full story...

Epic Frame Drums
Tonehammer release a sample library of drums known for their distinct sustained sound and multi-resonant qualities

06-May-10    full story...

Tonehammer Announces Sample Library Bundle Sale
Save Up To 50% Through The End Of March

24-Mar-10    full story...

Tonehammer Intros Bizarre Sitar
New Kontakt Virtual Instrument

20-Mar-10    full story...

Demonically Corrupt Signals Filtering Through The Void
Tonehammer releases Ambius 1: Transmissions

18-Feb-10    full story...

Can You Guess The Instrument?
Tonehammer Announces New Contest

11-Feb-10    full story...

Arabic Percussion
Tonehammer releases Riq Drum collection of Middle Eastern hand percussion instruments

08-Feb-10    full story...

In The Dhol Drums
Tonehammer release Solo Dhol – the follow up to Epic Dhol

29-Jan-10    full story...

Shake, Chuff, Shuck And Jingle
Tonehammer releases a sample collection dedicated to shakers, rattles and bell tree percussion

27-Jan-10    full story...

Tonehammer Releases Free Luftballon
Farting In The Summer Sky

24-Dec-09    full story...

Holy Ambience
Gnomehammer is back with another free seasonal download

24-Dec-09    full story...

Tabla Multi-Samples
Tonehammer releases Tonehammer Tablas Vol. 2: Multi, companion to their Tabla Loops collection

22-Dec-09    full story...

Download Santas Balls For One Day Only
Gnomehammer offers free Sleigh Bells sample set

16-Dec-09    full story...

2000 Epic Guitar Loops
Tonehammer releases Epic Guitar Vol. 1featuring nu metal with a touch of hard rock/funk

16-Dec-09    full story...

Tabla Loops
Tonehammer releaseTabla Vol.1 (Loops)

08-Dec-09    full story...

Tonehammer Releases Forgotten Voices: Terrie
Native African, Soul and RnB vocal phrases and sounds

03-Dec-09    full story...

Beware The Wrath Of Gnomes
Tonehammer launch Gnomehammer with free samples and other stuff until Christmas

02-Dec-09    full story...

One Of The World's Oldest Known Instruments Sampled
Tonehammer release Whale Drum sample collection

26-Nov-09    full story...

Zither Comes Hither
Tonehammer release Zitherette, a sampled 8-string fretless zither

02-Nov-09    full story...

Clack Gives You The Thwack
Tonehammer announce the release of a new Kontakt-format sample library based on the sounds of wooden percussion

09-Oct-09    full story...

Free Sample Library Captures The World's Oldest Audio Recordings
Phonautograms Predate Edison's Recordings By Two Decades

26-Sep-09    full story...

Tonehammer release an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument for Kontakt

09-Feb-09    full story...

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