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Low-Profile, Colour-Coded Patch Cables 'A' Series cables are made for easy handling in densely-packed modular systems

29-Nov-17    full story...

Modular Synth In A Folding Cabinet Thought Box TB22++ features 3 oscillators and a Q960 Moog-style sequencer

29-Nov-17    full story... Sample And Hold Module
Q157 SH++ has 5 sections including an LFO with square and sine wave outputs

29-Nov-17    full story... Announces New VCO
Q106A Oscillator combines the features of the Q106 oscillator with the Q141 Aid module

08-Sep-17    full story...

Video Tour Of Thought Box Synth shows off their 2-Oscillator expandable synthesizer

21-Oct-16    full story... Demo A New LFO Module
See the Q167 in action with their modular system

09-Oct-15    full story...

Ribbon Controller For Modular Synths RP20 is a position and pressure-sensitive ribbon controller

06-Jul-15    full story...

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