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Superbooth 21: Soundforce - Juno 60 DCOs
More lovely sounding juno-ish clone modules

16-Sep-21    full story...

SoundForce Announces Two Eurorack Modules
New DCO and VCF based on the the Juno-60/106

13-Sep-21    full story...

Hardware Controller For Juno-60 Emulation
SoundForce SFC-60 V3 is a class-compliant USB-MIDI controller for the TAL-U-NO-LX

15-Dec-20    full story...

New Eurorack Envelope Generator
SoundForce Dual ADSR features full CV control of each stage

07-Apr-20    full story...

Eurorack DCO Based On Juno-60/106 Oscillator
SoundForce DCO offers true analog waveforms with digital stability

07-May-19    full story...

Hardware Control For Your U-He Repro-1
The SoundForce SFC-1 is a dedicated class-compliant USB MIDI controller

11-Apr-19    full story...

Hardware Controller For Minimoog Emulations
SoundForce SFC-Mini Controller is looking for funding on Kickstarter

15-Oct-15    full story...

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