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Sound Semiconductor Releases New VCO Chip
SSI2131 VCO, derived from the SSI2130, provides only the core VCO function for lower cost and easier use

14-Jan-21    full story...

First New Electronic Music VCO IC In Decades
Sound Semiconductor announces the SSI2130

17-Sep-20    full story...

Sound Semiconductor Announces New VCAs
ProCircuit SSI2161 and FatKeys SSI2162 single and dual channel VCAs

24-Jun-20    full story...

Sound Semiconductor Updates Iconic Filter Chip
Update to Dave Rossum's SSM2040 retains classic sound while adding significant features

27-May-20    full story...

Sound Semiconductor Fatkeys Quad VCA News
Update to data sheet includes Dave Rossum's exponential voltage to current converter

09-Aug-18    full story...

Sound Semiconductor Filter Chip For Prophet X
DSI Chooses SSI2144 as the perfect complement to sample and synthesis engine

07-Jun-18    full story...

New Analog Synth Chips Relaunch SSM Legacy
New SSI2144 Four Pole VCF Chip available

20-Jun-17    full story...

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Soma Labs Flux - New Instrument Presentation 

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