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Spatial Synth Updated
Sound Particles endows SkyDust 3D with new features

09-Jun-23    full story...

NAMM 2023: Sound Particles - Skydust 3D
New synth lets you place oscillators in 3D space

14-Apr-23    full story...

3D Synth Makes Its Debut
Sound Particles says SkyDust 3D is the first 3D Synth in the history of music

13-Apr-23    full story...

Sound Particles Introduces Explorer SFX Cloud
100,000 professional sound effects for sound designers & content creators

26-Jan-23    full story...

Sound Particles Releases Plug-In Bundle
Spatial Music Bundle is a toolkit for mixing immersive music

17-Nov-22    full story...

Free Plug-in For Adding Depth To Music
Sound Particles releases Air | Music Edition

10-Nov-22    full story...

Plug-In Increases The Density Of Sounds
Sound Particles releases Density

27-May-22    full story...

Webinar On 3D Audio
Sound Particles' second webinar covers Binaural and Ambisonics

20-Apr-22    full story...

Hands-On Panning App For Your Mobile
Sound Particles Space Controller OSC controls Nuendo and SPAT Revolution

25-Jan-22    full story...

Sound Particles SFX Toolbox Giveaway
Enter to win prizes of audio software and collections of sound libraries

26-May-21    full story...

Sound Particles Releases Brightness Panner
Plug-in uses sound frequencies to control panning automatically

15-Apr-21    full story...

Sound Particles Releases Energy Panner
Plug-in uses sound intensity to automatically control panning

14-Jan-21    full story...

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