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SampleScience Releases Virtual Suiko
Based on a synthesizer that reproduces the sound of traditional Japanese instruments

23-May-24    full story...

Free Celesta Virtual Instrument
SampleScience releases Majestic Celesta

22-Apr-24    full story...

Oberheim DMX & DX Drum Kits Revisited
SampleScience releases DMXtreme Kits

17-Apr-24    full story...

808 Basses For Your Productions
Sample Science releases 808 Bass Revolution collection of 40 basses

25-Mar-24    full story...

Classic 80's Drum Machine Sounds Revisited
SampleScience releases Super Lynn Drums

06-Mar-24    full story...

Mellotron-Style Virtual Instrument
SampleScience's Mellow Harmonics is inspired by the Mellotron and 1970' string synths

22-Feb-24    full story...

Free VHS Noise Generator
SampleScience's freebie features 26 distinct background noises from an antiquated VCR

12-Dec-23    full story...

Solina Sampled
SampleScience releases Analog String Ensemble for MacOS and Windows

17-Oct-23    full story...

SampleScience Releases Cazio Sound Odyssey
A virtual recreation of the 1981 Casio 1000p home keyboard

10-Oct-23    full story...

SampleScience Release Aurora Ambient Chords
Virtual instrument is designed for drum and bass, jungle, ambient and more

07-Sep-23    full story...

TR-909 Revisited
SampleScience releases the RC909 Pro VST3 VST3 AU plugin drum module

29-Aug-23    full story...

SampleScience Releases Sitar Renaissance XL
25 sitar sounds processed with guitar effect pedals

04-Jul-23    full story...

Vintage 1960s Drum Kit From SampleScience
With 1960s signal path

12-Jun-23    full story...

Vinyl Crackles Generator
Free plug-in offers 80 vinyl crackles that can be mangled with four built-in effects

23-Mar-23    full story...

Cinematic Pad Instrument
SampleScience introduces GlowPads for MacOS and Windows

20-Feb-23    full story...

Free Sitar Instrument
SampleScience releases Sitar Renaissance

05-Sep-22    full story...

Sampled Stylophone Instrument
SampleScience releases Stylo Synthesis

10-Jun-22    full story...

Free Retro Toy Keyboard Rompler
SampleScience's Retro Cazio samples all the sounds from the MT-100

13-Apr-22    full story...

Free Sampled Violin Instrument
SampleScience releases French Violin for Mac and Windows

29-Jul-21    full story...

909 Sounds In Key With Your Track
909 Lab lets you play a TR-909 as a chromatic instrument

20-May-21    full story...

Jen Pianotone 600 Revisited As A Freebie
SampleScience's Pianotone 600 is based on a 1970s electronic keyboard's analog piano sound

06-Aug-20    full story...

Ensoniq SQ80-Style Sounds For Free
SampleScience releases SQ8ROM

12-Sep-19    full story...

SampleScience Releases Nouveau Mellow
The sound of a small orchestra played through an antique radio

20-Jun-19    full story...

Drums Inspired By Boards of Canada
SampleScience releases Pine Forest Drums percussive plug-in

13-Feb-19    full story...

Free Piano For Mac And Windows
SampleScience's Room Piano VST/AU plug-in features the sound of a physically modeled piano

23-Nov-17    full story...

Instrument Inspired By Boards Of Canada
SampleScience's Hexagon Sky sample based instrument features 101 preset sounds

11-Apr-17    full story...

Nintendo Drums
Samplescience's Famidrums is a NES sound chip sample based-drum machine

13-Oct-16    full story...

Yamaha Synth Chip Sounds
Samplescience AdLibXRom features the sound of the AdLib Music Synthesizer Card

29-Jun-16    full story...

Free Sound Module For Mac And Windows
SampleScience Orion Sound Module is a 3GB Rompler covering many instrument sounds

27-Jan-16    full story...

The Sounds Of Sega
SMROM Rompler samples the Sega Master System video game console sound chip

04-Nov-15    full story...

NES Sound Chip Emulation
SampleScience Famirom virtual instrument for Mac and Windows offers 30 chip tones

01-Sep-15    full story...

Vintage Computer Sound Module
SampleScience releases Thales Model I for Mac and Windows

05-Mar-15    full story...

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