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Free Piano For Kontakt
Rigid Grand is a 16 velocity-layer Grand Piano

28-May-24    full story...

Unleash Your Kontakt Kreativity
Kontakt GUI Maker lets you create your own Kontakt instruments

02-Apr-24    full story...

Cinematic Transition Designer
Rigid Audio releases Ion Storm for KONTAKT

06-Feb-23    full story...

Rigid Audio Releases Resomonia
A set of 128 resonating instruments for Kontakt

03-Nov-21    full story...

Wavetable Synthesizer For Kontakt
Rigid Audio's ANGUS features 2 x 128 wavetables split into two oscillators

07-Oct-20    full story...

Kontakt Instrument For Cinematic Soundscapes
VIEGO features a combination of sampled waveforms and wavetable synthesis

29-Jun-20    full story...

Creative Drum And Beatsequencer For Kontakt
Rigid Audio's SODIUM features four drum sequencers and 200 factory kits

12-Jun-20    full story...

Rigid Audio Releases Acoustic Isolation
Loop module for Kontakt features 200 kits ready for use

26-May-20    full story...

Rigid Audio Releases FELICITY
Kontakt Instrument offers 300 wavetable-based soundscapes, atmospheres and textures

30-Mar-20    full story...

Cinematic Loop Module For Kontakt
Rigid Audio's Plethora offers 350 Cinematic Kits for Kontakt 6

25-Feb-20    full story...

Timestretching Soundscape Machine
Rigid Audio announces Atheos for Kontakt

23-Jul-19    full story...

Granular Instrument For Kontakt
AQUIVER's custom granular engine plays hundreds of small grains of audio with low CPU impact

14-Feb-19    full story...

Ambient Loop Instrument For Kontakt
SUPINE delivers synth arpeggios, pad sounds, chords, drones and textures

05-Dec-18    full story...

Cinematic Soundscapes For Kontakt
Rigid Audio releases Granulat sampleshifting cinematic instrument

04-Jun-18    full story...

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