News / From: Patch Base
Korg Volca FM2 Editor/Librarian
Now available in the Patch Base collection of patch editors for Mac and iPad

05-Dec-22    full story...

Roland JP-8080 Patch Editor/Librarian
Now available for the Patch Base App

16-Aug-22    full story...

An Editor For Your DSI Tetra
Now available in the Patch base app

01-Dec-21    full story...

Korg Prophecy Editor For iPad & Mac
Now available in Patch Base

20-Oct-21    full story...

Behringer Deepmind 12 Editor/Librarian
Now available in the Patch Base app

15-Sep-21    full story...

Novation Bass Station II Editor/Librarian
...added to Patch Base apps

11-Aug-21    full story...

Yamaha Reface DX Patch Editor
Now in Patch Base for iPad and Mac

25-Jun-21    full story...

New Access Virus Patch Editors
Patch Base editor/librarians released for the Access Virus TI, TI Snow, and Virus C synths

16-Mar-21    full story...

Editor/Librarian For Your E-mu Proteus
Patch Base iPad and Mac apps add Proteus/1 and Proteus/2 editors

19-Oct-20    full story...

Editor/Librarian For Dave Smith Synths
Evolver and Evolver Keys added to Patch Base iPad and Mac apps

03-Feb-20    full story...

Roland Alpha Juno & MKS-50 Patch Editors
Patch Base app adds more synths

21-Jan-20    full story...

Patch Editor For Korg DW-8000 & EX-8000
Now available in Patch Base for Mac and iPad

03-Jan-20    full story...

Alesis Micron & Akai Miniak Editors
Two almost identical synths are now supported in Patch Base

28-Oct-19    full story...

Patch Base Now Available For The Mac
Editors and librarians for over 50 hardware synths previously only available on iPad

30-Sep-19    full story...

Novation Circuit Editor
Patch Base iPad app now offers an editor/librarian for the Novation Circuit

28-Jun-19    full story...

TG77 And SY77 Editor/Librarian
Patch Base iPad app now supports these Yamaha FM synths

25-Apr-19    full story...

Editor/Librarian For The Yamaha DX200
Now available in the Patch Base app

21-Jan-19    full story...

iPad Editing For Roland JV-880 & JV-80
JV-880 and JV-80 are now supported in the Patch Base app

04-Dec-18    full story...

Yamaha TG33 Editor And Librarian
New addition to Patch Base gets you away from that tiny screen

30-Oct-18    full story...

Patch Base Synth Editor/Librarian Updated
iPad app reaches version 3 adding unlimited undo support and more

12-Oct-18    full story...

Patch Editor/Librarian For The Yamaha FS1R
Edit the 8-operator FM synth from your iPad

08-Feb-18    full story...

iPad Editing For Roland Synths
Patch Base app adds editors for Roland D-110, D-10, D-20, D-5

14-Dec-17    full story...

Roland D-50 And D-550 iPad Editors
Patch Base adds editors for two more vintage Roland synths

12-Jul-17    full story...

iPad Editor For Waldorf Blofeld
Patch Base updated to include a Blofeld patch editor and librarian

03-Jul-17    full story...

Editors For Vintage Roland JV and XP Synths
Patch Base iPad app adds editors for the JV-2080, JV-1080, XP-80 and XP-60

24-May-17    full story...

Korg Minilogue Editor For IPad
Patch Base now lets you visualize patches and edit all synth and sequencer parameters

30-Mar-17    full story...

New Roland JD-Xi Editor
Patch Base update adds JD-Xi for a total of 30 supported synths

06-Feb-17    full story...

microKorg iPad Editor Released
Patch Base real-time patch editor and librarian supports many different hardware synths

15-Dec-16    full story...

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