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Nektar Panorama CS12 For Logic Pro
Compact desktop controller's workflow is optimized for direct plugin control

23-Feb-24    full story...

NAMM 2023: Nektar Aruba Now With Live Integration
Aruba gains deeper integration with Live

14-Apr-23    full story...

NAMM 2023: Nektar Aruba
Aruba gains deeper integration with Live

13-Apr-23    full story...

Nektar Updates Aruba (was Aura) Beat Composer - Live Integration And more
Big Nektarine update too

23-Mar-23    full story...

Nektar Launches New Wireless MIDI Solutions
WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB add fast wireless BLE MIDI functionality

16-Aug-22    full story...

AURA Becomes A Complete Beatmaking Environment
Nektarine 2.5 adds new beatmaking features to AURA Beat Composer

13-Jun-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: Nektar Aura Pad Controller OS Update Adds Plenty
Build your own kits, new samples too

04-Jun-22    full story...

Nektar Introduces Impact LX Mini
Ultra-portable MIDI controller with performance features and hands-on DAW & instrument control

18-Oct-21    full story...

Nektar Unveil Impact GX Mini
Ultra-portable USB MIDI keyboard controller with DAW control features

11-Aug-21    full story...

New Nektar Keyboard Controllers
Nektar expands Impact GXP range with 49 and 61 key versions

13-Jul-21    full story...

New Nektar USB MIDI Keyboard Controller
Entry-level MIDI controller range with DAW integration expanded with SE61 61-key version

07-Jun-21    full story...

NAMM 2020: Nektar Introduces Impact GXP88
Performance keyboard controller

20-Jan-20    full story...

NAMM 2020: Nektar Launches MIDIFLEX4
4-Port USB MIDI Interface with flexible routing and merge & split features

20-Jan-20    full story...

  NAMM 2020: Nektar Announces AURA Beat Composer
Beat creation and performance instrument features 16 pads and onboard step sequencer

16-Jan-20    full story...

Nektar Summer Specials
Steinberg Padshop Pro included with all Nektar controller purchases

09-Aug-19    full story...

Nektar Announces Studio One Integration
Panorama USB MIDI controllers now include DAW integration support for PreSonus Studio One

31-May-19    full story...

Superbooth 2019: Nektar and Presonus Studio One Integration
Deep integration available very soon

10-May-19    full story...

Nektar Launch SE MIDI Controller Range
Entry-level USB MIDI controller keyboards with DAW integration

05-Apr-19    full story...

  Presentation: Nektar T4 And Nektarine Plug-in System
DAW and Plug-in control

21-Dec-18    full story...

Nektar Technology Launch BOLT Synthesizer
The first virtual instrument based on Harmonics Synthesis technology

20-Dec-18    full story...

  Nektar Panorama T4 Preview - Questions?
We take a look at the features, more to come

15-Oct-18    full story...

New Nektar MIDI Controller Keyboards
Panorama T-series offer deep instrument plug-in support in any VST/AU DAW

02-Jul-18    full story...

Nektar PACER A DAW And MIDI Foot Controller
11 buttons, 6 external inputs

22-Mar-18    full story...

  Presentation: Nektar Impact LX 49+ Affordable MIDI Control
With native plugin and DAW mapping

15-Aug-16    full story...

New Nektar Impact LX+ Adds Direct Synth Control And More
Intelligent parameter control, budget price

20-Jul-16    full story...

  Presentation: Panorama P4 with Reaper
Multiple Instrument and Plug-in native mapping

24-Sep-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Nektar P4 and Mainstage
More developments in the integration

22-Apr-15    full story...

  MESSE 2015: Nektar Panorama P4 1.5 Update Brings It On
Smart control, Reaper and Komplete Kontrol

14-Apr-15    full story...

  NAMM 2015: Nektar Panorama Bitwig and Mainstage Support
More deep integration

04-Feb-15    full story...

  Presentation: Nektar Panorama P4 and Bitwig
Tight integration with the new DAW

16-May-14    full story...

MESSE 2014: Nektar Panorama Btiwig and Logic Integration
More mouse and qwerty free control

13-Mar-14    full story...

  MESSE 2014: Nektar Panorama Integrates With BitWig Studio
Nektar announces controller's workflow integration with BitWig Studio DAW

13-Mar-14    full story...

MESSE 2014: Foot Control For Your Keyboard
Nektar release NP-1 and NP-2 Foot switch pedals

12-Mar-14    full story...

MESSE 2014: New Nektar Controller Keyboards
Nektar announces Impact LX25 and Impact LX61

12-Mar-14    full story...

  NAMM 2014: Nektar controllers with BitWig Integration
Nektar to Distribute BitWig in UK & USA too

30-Jan-14    full story...

Nektar Releases New Controller Keyboard
Impact LX 49 offers a 49 note velocity sensitive, full-size keyboard

28-Oct-13    full story...

Control Surface For Cubase, Nuendo And Reason
Nektar Panorama P1 is now shipping

15-May-13    full story...

MESSE13: USB Keyboard With Intelligent Mapping For Major DAWs
Nektar introduces the 49-note Impact LX49

09-Apr-13    full story...

  WNAMM13: Nektar P4 Cubase Integration - Video
We get a look a the way it works

26-Jan-13    full story...

Panorama Now Works With Cubase
Nektar announces integration of their controller keyboards with Steinberg's DAW

11-Jan-13    full story...

61 Note USB MIDI Controller For Reason
Nektar announces Panorama P6

30-Nov-12    full story...

Keyboard Controller Gets Rack Extension Control
Nektar Panorama P4 Reason Rack Extension update is available now

07-Nov-12    full story...

Nektar P4 Dedicated Reason Controller Ships
Enhanced workflow hardware get a thumbs up from Propellerheads

26-Jul-12    full story...

  WNAMM12: Nektar P4 More Details
We get a closer look with its maker

23-Jan-12    full story...

  WNAMM12: Nektar P4 Preivew
First look at the Reason controller

18-Jan-12    full story...

WNAMM12: Dedicated Controller For Propellerhead Reason
Nektar reveal more details of the Panorama P4 before NAMM unveiling

17-Jan-12    full story...

Win A Nektar Panorama P4
Dedicated controller keyboard for Propellerhead Reason is up for grabs

20-Dec-11    full story...

Panorama P4 First Integrated Reason Controller
Moving fader, mixer control, channel strip and more

18-Dec-11    full story...

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