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MIDI Controller For Roland's Boutique TR-08
Momo releases TR-08 Midi Editor for the Rhythm Composer

14-Mar-18    full story...

Controller For Roland Boutique SE-02
Momo releases SE-02 Midi Editor for Mac and Windows

09-Jan-18    full story...

MIDI Editor For Roland Boutique SH-01A Synth
Controller for Mac and PC gives direct access to hidden parameters

06-Nov-17    full story...

MIDI Controller For The Roland Boutique TB-03
Integrate your TB-03 Bass Line into your DAW project and control it

11-Sep-17    full story...

MicroKorg XL And XL+ MIDI Editor
Momo releases a VST with access to all the important parameters of the Korg synths

17-Jul-17    full story...

MIDI Editor For Circuit
Momo releases VST / Standalone GUI for the Novation Groovebox

08-Jun-17    full story...

Minilogue MIDI Editor
Momo releases Midi Editor/Controller for Mac and Windows

02-May-17    full story...

MicroKorg MIDI Editor
Momo releases an editor /controller for Mac and Windows

07-Feb-17    full story...

Roland Boutique TR-09 MIDI Editor
Momo releases another synth editor/controller for Mac and Windows

05-Dec-16    full story...

JX-03 MIDI Editor Accesses Hidden Parameters
Momo releases a Mac and Windows editor/controller for the Roland Boutique JX-03 synth

11-Nov-16    full story...

MIDI Editor For Roland Boutique JP-08
Remote control from a PC or Mac

03-Oct-16    full story...

Automate Your Korg Volca Beats
Momo releases Korg Volca Beats Midi Remote

22-Apr-16    full story...

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