News / From: Lindell Audio
Pulteq EQ Reimagined in Solid-State Hardware
Lindell Audio announces LiNTEC Vintage Program Equalizer

08-Mar-24    full story...

Lindell Audio Does The LA2A Thing
LiN2A Vintage Leveling Amplifier makes its debut

07-Dec-22    full story...

New 1176-Style Hardware Compressor
Lindell Audio announces availability of LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

04-Aug-22    full story...

Neve 80 Series Console Emulated
Plugin Alliance ships Lindell Audio's Lindell 80 Series

22-Nov-19    full story...

Classic English Limiter Emulated
Lindell Audio 254E plug-in is based on the Neve 2254 compressor/limiter

02-Sep-15    full story...

Quality Digital To Analog Converter
Lindell Audio introduces the DACX

05-Feb-13    full story...

New Amp For Your Passive Monitors
Lindell Audio introduces the AMPX

01-Feb-13    full story...

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The 1991 Videogame inspired by rave culture. 

Hex (feat. Coldcut) wrote the trippiest sounding game!

GearFest-UK24: PWM Mantis Hits the UK 

Production models on the ground

CV and MIDI with sequencing and looping

Soma Labs Flux - New Instrument Presentation 

No touch, highly expressive

MPC meets Linn, Ticketmaster monopoly

5 MINUTES WITH: Korg Electribe ER-1 MK1 

Classic frantic beats revisited

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SonicLAB: Tetrachords 4 Track Poly Sequencer Review - Part 1 

Complex arrangements with musical rules

Soma Labs Flux - New Instrument Presentation 

No touch, highly expressive

With Divkid, Gaz and Richard Nicol

This MIDI-controlled 3D T-Rex Will Astound You 

MIDI Oscilloscope Experiments!

WIN: Zynaptiq Bundles & Plugins worth $3,800+ 

Your chance to get EVERY Zynaptiq plugin

Sampler Composer