News / From: K-Devices
Multidimensional Gate
K-Devices releases Secta for MacOS and Windows

04-Oct-23    full story...

K-Devices Releases TATAT For iOS
A creative (unstable) MIDI notes generator

31-May-23    full story...

K-Devices Releases Magma For iOS
Memory warper and propagator plug-in

09-Feb-23    full story...

K-Devices Releases Magma Plug-In
Micro-looper, granular engine, sustainer, and sound warmer in one

30-Sep-22    full story...

MIDI Notes Generator In VST3 And AU Formats
K-Devices TATAT is designed as a creative tool to generate new ideas

29-Jun-22    full story...

Audio / MIDI Modulator For iOS
K-Devices releases LFOH! AUv3 plug-in

08-Jun-22    full story...

K-Devices Releases Shaper2 For iOS
AUv3 plugin is designed to destroy / refine any sound

15-Jul-21    full story...

6 New Modulator Devices For Ableton Live
K-Devices releases Modulators 21

09-Jun-21    full story...

K-Devices Releases Shaper 2
Effects plug-in is designed to redefine or totally destroy any sound source

09-Apr-21    full story...

K-Devices Releases TTAP For iOS
A double buffer delay with a set of creative features

01-Jul-20    full story...

K-Devices Releases WOV For iOS
AUv3 plug-in offers textural transmutation

06-May-20    full story...

K-Devices Releases HEXO For Ableton
Max For Live Device offers deep manipulation/creation of MIDI sequence streaming

18-Dec-19    full story...

First VST/AU/AAX Plug-ins For K-Devices
WOV amplitude modulator and TTAP delay are available for pre-order

20-Feb-19    full story...

Beat Generation And Manipulation For Ableton
K-Devices releases ESQ Patterns Beatstation Max For Live MIDI tool

14-Dec-18    full story...

Multitrack Event Generators For Ableton Live
K-Devices Releases AutoTrig Beatmaker Challenger and TATAT (Unstable) Streams Generator

13-Jun-18    full story...

New Sequencing Tools For Ableton Live
K-Devices' MOOR and Twistor allow a unique approach to sequencing instruments and effects

01-Nov-17    full story...

Shaper - Modular Multi-FX For iOS
K-Devices new app for iPad features four sound-shaping modules

21-Jun-17    full story...

New Synth For Ableton Live
K-Devices TERRA incorporates frequency modulation, phase distortion, ring modulation and wave shaping

30-Nov-15    full story...

Creative Delay For Ableton Live
K-Devices releases Alter Echo Max for Live device

10-Feb-15    full story...

Ableton Live Modulator
K-Devices releases TED, an LFO Max For Live device

08-Sep-14    full story...

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