News / From: Groove Synthesis
Sampling Added To 3rd Wave Synthesizer
Groove Synthesis add high-resolution sampling capability to their advanced wavetable synth

16-May-24    full story...

  NAMM 2024: Groove Synthesis - 3rd Wave Desktop
A new desktop version plus the 1.7 OS update with MPE

27-Jan-24    full story...

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Desktop Announced
Monster Poly actually portable

21-Sep-23    full story...

3rd Wave Gets MPE Support In OS 1.5
Plus poly unison, free running oscillators

18-Aug-23    full story...

Sonic LAB: Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Poly Synth
Flagship Wavetable synthesizer

01-May-23    full story...

  NAMM 2023: Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave - No Talking
Sounds only from the monster wavetable hybrid

18-Apr-23    full story...

NAMM 22: Groove Synthesis - 3rd Wave - Sound Only Demo
It's blue, it's gritty, but gentle and lovely too?

04-Jun-22    full story...

  NAMM 22: The Big 3rd Wave Polysynth Video
A detailed look at the new Wavetable synth

03-Jun-22    full story...

NAMM 22: 3rd Wave - 3 Osc, 24 Voice Wavetable Synth
Officially announced today, price

03-Jun-22    full story...

The 3rd Wave - Advanced Wavetable Synth
Soon-to-be-released synthesizer with a PPG vibe makes its video debut

30-May-22    full story...

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