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  SUPERBOOTH 2024: Five 12 Vector Sequencer MK2
More features and Expander module

23-May-24    full story...

  SynthPlex 2022: Five12 QV-L Module, Vector Updates
Whats coming up

30-Oct-22    full story...

NAMM 2020: Five12 Vector Sequencer Updates and New Case
One sequencer to rule them all....

18-Jan-20    full story...

Superbooth 2018: Five12 Numerology Sequencer As Eurorack
Deep and poweful

05-May-18    full story...

New Version Of Mac OS X Modular Sequencer
Five12 Releases Numerology 4

26-Nov-14    full story...

Sequencing Environment Plug-In Updated
Five12 Inc. announces the release of Numerology 3.1

25-Aug-11    full story...

Numerology Updated
Five12 Inc announces the release of Numerology 3 for Mac OS X

04-Jan-11    full story...

Five12 Releases Numerology 2.2
New features include a Pitch Glide option for easily adding pitch bends to monophonic sequences

12-Nov-09    full story...

All New Sequencer For OSX
five12 announces numerology level 1 version 1.1

20-May-03    full story...

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With a lot of utillity

Never too old for techno

The 1991 Videogame inspired by rave culture. 

Hex (feat. Coldcut) wrote the trippiest sounding game!

MORE Home Keyboards that are Actually AWESOME Synths! 

Not somewhere you usually look...

5 Minutes With: The Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer 

Classic Waldorf Wavetable sounds and some

And more

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With Divkid, Gaz and Richard Nicol

SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...

Presentation: Bitwig Studio 5.2 Update - In depth 

New Compressor, EQ, precision editing, and more

Software Synths that Became Hardware! 

Sometimes, the soft becomes hard

Computer Music Chronicles: The Amiga as a Guitar Pedal 

Older Music Machines & the People Who Still Use Them

Modal Is Back - Restructuring Complete 

Website up - Modal app support back too