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Sonic LAB: Bela Gliss - Gestural Control
With a lot of utillity

05-Apr-24    full story...

Bristronica 2023: Bela - GLISS
Multi-function touch control modules

02-Oct-23    full story...

Touch Sensing For Modular Synthesisers
Euro-Trill module uses Trill sensors that have launched on Kickstarter

02-Oct-19    full story...

Probability-Based Eurorack Sequencer
The Ganesh provides 3 channels of 16 step sequencing

14-Jan-19    full story...

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6 Instruments Fatally Flawed at Release 

These synths took a little time to reach their potential

Modal Is Back - Restructuring Complete 

Website up - Modal app support back too

Competition: WIN FabFilter Bundles & Plug-ins! 

Prizes worth over €1100! Enter now

MORE Home Keyboards that are Actually AWESOME Synths! 

Not somewhere you usually look...

And tattoos

SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...

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With Divkid, Gaz and Richard Nicol

SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...

Sampler Composer

New edition - adds the EX software for you

VST Live 2 and Live Performing

Inside Superbooth 2024 

Behind The Scenes with Sonicstate