News / From: BandMateloops
--choose. Announces Holiday No-Brainer Loop Bundle Deal
5 of their most popular products reduced by over 80 percent

08-Dec-09    full story...

New Loop Collections
BandmateLoops announces new products from content partners Peace Love Productions and Bunker 8.

22-Jun-09    full story...

Drums For GarageBand unveils three Sounds Like Drums Virtual Drum Instruments for GarageBand

28-Apr-09    full story... Announces Partnership With L8-Night
Releases seven new collections

08-Apr-09    full story...

Caribbean And Hip-Hop Loops releases Arquitecto Caribbean and Hip-Hop Xpression

03-Mar-09    full story... Announces Partnership with LoopCache
Four new collections released

11-Feb-09    full story...

WNAMM09: Partners With Bunker 8
Releases eleven new products

21-Jan-09    full story...

Oriental Strings And Swedish Bagpipes announces partnership with Sound Propulsion, releases new loop collections

15-Dec-08    full story... Unveils Fully Redesigned Website
Launches new products from Peace Love Productions

20-Oct-08    full story...

Pure Live Breaks In USA releases Inspiration Sounds Pure Live Breaks Vol. 1

28-Jul-08    full story...

Electronica Loops announces partnership with Equinox Sounds, releases two new loop collections

20-May-08    full story...

UK Sample Packs Available In USA releases Inspiration Sounds Electro Grime and Dobro

28-Mar-08    full story...

MESSE08: Electric Guitar Loop Collection introduces Deep Frets - Session Rock Guitar

17-Mar-08    full story...

BandmateLoops Gets Funked Up
New partnership with Inspiration Sounds sees release of five funk collections

15-Jan-08    full story...

New Sounds For iDrum releases Sounds Like Drums Basket House and SLD Electro Series Kits for iZotope's iDrum

20-Dec-07    full story...

Give Loops At Christmas offers up Gift Cards for the holidays and beyond

27-Nov-07    full story...

Drum Loops For Jazz releases Classic Jazz Drums

08-Nov-07    full story...

Woodwind Virtual Instruments
BandmateLoops announces Westgate Studios Woodwinds

22-Oct-07    full story...

Downloads Of The Caribbean introduces The Caribbean Experience loop collection

11-Sep-07    full story...

Drums For Download releases Sounds Like Drums Hip-Hop RnB, Brush and Reggae multi-sample libraries

17-Aug-07    full story...

New Acoustic Drums Library from
Vintage and contemporary kits

03-Aug-07    full story...

Indie Plank Spanking Loops introduces Deep Frets - Electric Guitar loop collection

16-Jul-07    full story...

Drum Samples Recorded On Analogue Tape announces partnership with Sounds Like Drums for new multi-sampled drum collections

12-Jun-07    full story...

Stroke Those Drums, Eric
Infinite NRG - Rock Drums V1 and V2 loop collections feature Stroke 9's Eric Stock

08-May-07    full story...

Acoustic Guitar Meets Skullcrushing Grooves
Bandmateloops introduces Deep Frets and Hybrid Aggression loop collections

19-Mar-07    full story...

Down South And Dirty releases five new Derty South hip-hop collections

08-Jan-07    full story...

Drum Library For iDrum releases iAcoustica for iZotope iDrum

13-Nov-06    full story...

Electro-Clash Loop Collection releases Electromatic

12-Oct-06    full story...

New Loops For Club Mixes releases Enfusion loop collectin

15-Sep-06    full story...

Two New Loop Collections Launched releases Jazz Drums and Bass Freq

25-Aug-06    full story...

SNAMM06: New Hip-Hop Style Groove Library
BandmateLoops release the Extras Collection

20-Jul-06    full story...

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