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Sonic LAB: Baby Audio Atoms - Mass and Spring
Physical modelling instrument

26-Feb-24    full story...

Baby Audio Releases Atoms
Physical modeling synth is powered by a simulation of interconnected masses and springs

09-Feb-24    full story...

Baby Audio Atoms - Advanced Physical Modelling Synth
Uses a unique ball and spring model

07-Feb-24    full story...

  NAMM 2024: Baby Audio - Atoms Gets Physical
Brand new physical modelling synth

27-Jan-24    full story...

New Transition Builder From Baby Audio And Andrew Huang
Mix transitions made simple, yet so nifty

24-Aug-23    full story...

Baby Audio Re-Imagine Yamaha CS01
Its their first instrument

25-Apr-23    full story...

Baby Audio IHNY2 Punchy Parallel Compression
Give your compression punch and slap

30-Aug-22    full story...

Baby Audio - New Algorithmic Reverb Crystalline
A studio reverb for the current era..

05-Apr-22    full story...

AI-Powered Tape Emulation
Baby Audio's TAIP is designed add analogue heat to your tracks

04-Oct-21    full story...

Parallel Processing For Punch
BABY Audio releases Parallel Aggressor punch tool for Mac and Windows

03-Aug-20    full story...

New York-Style Parallel Compression
BABY Audio releases I Heart NY Parallel Compressor plug-in

09-Sep-19    full story...

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New developments for Waldorf's M 

Waldorf's hybrid synth has quite the development story

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