News / From: Audiomodern
Audiomodern Updates Chordjam
Version 1.5. adds MPE

26-May-23    full story...

Creative Loop Remixer
Audiomodern Releases LOOPMIX for Windows, macOS and iPad

04-Nov-22    full story...

Creative Gate Sequencer For Free
Audiomodern releases free Gatelab plug-in for Mac and Windows

27-Sep-21    full story...

Real-Time Compositional Assistant
Audiomodern's Chordjam offers chordal progression and musical pattern randomisation

21-May-21    full story...

Free Creative Motion Filter For iOS
Audiomodern releases Filterstep for Phone and iPad

27-Mar-20    full story...

Creative Groove Randomizer
Audiomodern's Playbeat generates unique beats and patterns

10-Oct-19    full story...

Cinematic Guitars For Kontakt
Audiomodern releases Opacity

08-Jul-19    full story...

Audiomodern Show Off Their Sound Design
Watch the video and get a free sample pack of sounds created from a Porsche Carrera S

31-May-19    full story...

Smart MIDI Tool Generates Random Riffs
Audiomodern releases Riffer for Mac and Windows

05-Oct-18    full story...

Audiomodern Releases Free Sample Pack
Momentum offers 30 evolving and multilayered textures

11-May-18    full story...

AudioModern Flash Sale - 63% Off Kontakt Instruments
Till Dec 21st

14-Dec-17    full story...

800MB Shift Library For 14 Euros From AudioModern
Mutated foley sounds and loops

07-Dec-17    full story...

Audiomodern Releases Paths 2 For KONTAKT
Loop-based sampler instrument for dramatic electronica and neo-ambient cinematic styles

13-Oct-17    full story...

Chords Generator For Ableton
Audiomodern releases Random Chords Generator PRO, Max for Live instrument

08-Sep-17    full story...

Audiomodern Release ATOM Virtual Instrument
New Kontakt instrument features a powerful custom engine

07-Jul-17    full story...

More Sonic Abuse
Audiomodern update their Abuser samplerbank virtual instrument for NI Kontakt

28-Mar-17    full story...

Generate Grooves For Ableton
Audiomodern releases Random Groove Generator PRO for Max for Live

09-Dec-16    full story...

New Loop-Based Sampler Instrument
Audiomodern releases Paths for NI Kontakt plus WAV, Apple Loops, ACID and REX

23-Nov-16    full story...

Generate Random Melodies For Ableton
Audiomodern releases Random Riff Generator PRO MIDI tool for Max For Live

01-Aug-16    full story...

Modular Synthesizer Loops
Audiomodern releases ModulARPS 2 in Kontakt, WAV and AIFF formats

30-Jun-16    full story...

New Audiomodern Max-For-Live Plug-Ins
Glitchverb is a modern grainy/glitchy reverb, Ryoji is an experimental plug-in

24-Mar-16    full story...

Modular-Made Loop-Based Sampler Instrument
Audiomodern ModulARPS for Kontakt is a collection of experimental ambient sounds

26-Feb-16    full story...

Create Crazy Sounds With A Human Touch
Audiomodern Streakulator for Max for Live is a MIDI-modulated audio effect

05-Feb-16    full story...

Another Glitch & Cuts Drum Machine Module
Audiomodern releases Glitchee III KONTAKT Instrument

26-Aug-14    full story...

Glitch And Cuts Drum Machine Module
Audiomodern releases Glitchee II for Kontakt

24-Jun-14    full story...

Free Bass Synth Sounds For Kontakt
Audiomodern releases NODE

12-Jun-14    full story...

Free Glitch And Cuts Rhythm Generator
Audiomodern releases Statique Kontakt Instrument

30-Apr-14    full story...

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