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Chiptune & 16-Bit Video Game Synth For iOS
Audiokit Pro releases SNESynth

25-Aug-23    full story...

Bass Synth For iOS
AudioKit Pro releases King of Bass

12-Jul-23    full story...

Free DX7 & SY77 In The Palm Of Your Hand
AudioKit Pro releases KING OF FM for the iPhone, iPad, and Silicon Mac

04-May-23    full story...

ChipTune Synth For iOS
Audiokit Pro's SAGA Synth offers 16-bit retro video game power

06-Jan-23    full story...

Free Reverb For iPhone & iPad
Audiokit releases Rack Reverb

06-Jan-22    full story...

House MARK I Piano iOS Samples Classic Rhodes 88
AudioKIT Pro open source, with proceeds to charity

30-Oct-20    full story...

Audiokit Pro Releases Fun Pitch Correction App
AudioTune is available for iPhone and iPad until July 31st

08-Jun-20    full story...

Free Limited Edition iOS Piano App
Audiokit Pro releases Retro Piano for iPhone and iPad

05-Jun-20    full story...

Voice Activated Metronome For iOS
Audiokit Pro releases Hey Metronome - demonstrated on video by Roger Linn

02-Jan-20    full story...

New Version Of iOS DX7 Emulation
AudioKit Pro releases FM Player 2 with a host of new features

07-Aug-19    full story...

AudioKit Synth One Comes To The iPhone
Put a free open source pro synth in your pocket

31-Jan-19    full story...

64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth
Digital D1 is inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s and 90s

30-Oct-18    full story...

Free Open-Source iOS Synth Now Available
AudioKit Synth One is a hybrid analog/FM poly synthesizer

28-Jun-18    full story...

The First Professional Open-Source iPad Synth
AudioKit Synth One is said to be the largest free & open-source iOS music project ever

30-May-18    full story...

Free 'DX7' For Your iPad
AudioKit Pro releases FM Player with classic DX synth sounds

07-Dec-17    full story...

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