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Audient ORIA Is Now Shipping
All in one audio interface and monitor controller for multi-speaker arrays

26-Mar-24    full story...

Audient Introduces ORIA
New immersive audio interface & monitor controller

19-Jan-24    full story...

Audient Appoints Korg As US Distributor
Korg USA Inc is now exclusive US distributor of its entire product range

17-Aug-23    full story...

Audient Helps Blind & Vision Impaired Users
Interface Apps are given a new accessibility

15-Aug-23    full story...

NAMM 2023: Audient - EVO 16 - EVO SP8
New mic preamp and 24 in - 24 out interface

16-Apr-23    full story...

NAMM 2023: Audient - iD 24 Interface
Audient release the spiritual heir to the iD 22

15-Apr-23    full story...

Audient Releases iD24 Audio Interface
10in / 14out audio interface

16-Feb-23    full story...

8-Channel Smart Mic Preamp
Audient announces EVO SP8, an expander for your audio interface

16-Jan-23    full story...

Control EVO Devices From Within Smaart
Rational Acoustics and Audient team up to offer integrated control

12-Dec-22    full story...

New Audient ASP4816 Consoles Ship
ASP4816 Heritage Edition and the ASP4816 Standard Edition consoles are now available

02-Sep-22    full story...

NAMM 22: Audient - EVO 16 Audio Interface
Audient launch the most powerful EVO yet

04-Jun-22    full story...

NAMM 22: Audient - iD44 Audio Interface
Audient's most powerful audio interface just got better

04-Jun-22    full story...

NAMM 22: Audient Upgrades Compact Console
ASP4816-HE makes its debut

03-Jun-22    full story...

Audient Upgrades The iD44 Interface
MKII gets improved audio performance and other enhancements

31-May-22    full story...

New Audient 24 In / 24 Out Audio Interface
EVO 16 is the most powerful audio interface yet in the EVO range

25-May-22    full story...

Getting An Audient Console Just Got Easier
Audient launches Back On Track console promotion to UK Customers

17-Aug-21    full story...

Audient Launches New Look And Products
Two iD audio interfaces and the EVO Start Recording Bundle

06-Jan-21    full story...

Anyone Can Learn How To Use A Console
SAE launches freely downloadable Audient Console Simulator for education

16-Nov-20    full story...

Audient Introduces EVO 8
Compact 4in / 4out audio interface launches

12-Oct-20    full story...

Computer Control For EVO 4 Audio Interface
EVO adds software control app and audio loop-back mixer

09-Jul-20    full story...

Audient Adds Keys To ARC Creative Hub
Mellotron and Piano options

02-Jun-20    full story...

Audient Announces Gear Giveaway
Just Create competition is designed to boost morale whilst much of the world is in lockdown

09-Apr-20    full story...

Audient Sponsors New Recording Podcast
Kevin Paul's MixBus features conversations with recording industry luminaries

31-Mar-20    full story...

Audient iD4 Interfaces Up For Grabs
Hospice charity single fundraising project launched

02-Mar-20    full story...

NAMM 2020: New Audient Interface Range
EVO launches with the 2in / 2out EVO 4 audio interface

14-Jan-20    full story...

More Free Software For Audient Users
Audient ARC Adds Steinberg Retrologue 2 and upgrades to Cubase 10 LE

02-Aug-19    full story...

Audient Announces Nero Monitor Controller
Desktop hardware unit is designed to be at the core of the studio

07-May-19    full story...

NAMM 2019: Audient Sono Valve Guitar Preamp And Interface
With added effects and processing

31-Jan-19    full story...

Audient Interface Optimised For Guitar Recording
Sono features a tube guitar preamp combined with two notes' amp/cab modelling

11-Jan-19    full story...

Free Creative Software For Audient Users
Audient ARC: The Creative Hub relaunches a year on

02-Aug-18    full story...

  Sonic LAB: Audient iD44 USB Audio Interface Presentation
4 Class A mic preamps and much more

11-Jul-18    full story...

NAMM 2018: New Audient Audio Interface
iD44 features four Class-A console mic pres plus potential I/O of 20in / 24out

24-Jan-18    full story...

Audient Launch Their Smallest Audio Interface
iD4 promises to deliver large format console audio performance in a portable package

06-Jul-16    full story...

Audient iD14 Ships
10 in / 4 out USB audio interface with two Audient mic preamps is now available

10-Jun-15    full story...

MESSE 2015: New Audient Mic Pre/Audio Interfaces
iD14 and ASP800 launched

20-Apr-15    full story...

Audio Interface And Monitoring System For Less
Audient offers lower price on iD22 Audio Interface

23-Mar-15    full story...

  MESSE10: Audient ASP 2802- Quality AND Control
Integrated console with sequencer control

29-Mar-10    full story...

AESNYC07: New Range Of Studio Tube Gear
Audient and Manley collaborate on the London Tube range

26-Oct-07    full story...

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