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Organic Eurorack Voltage Generator
ADDAC System and Monotrail Collaborate on Random Bézier Waves

02-Apr-24    full story...

Eurorack Module Mimics Ocean Movement
ADDAC System releases the Swell Physics ADDAC508

19-Jan-24    full story...

ADDAC System Releases Acid Source
Compact synth voice integrating VCO, VCF and VCA functionality in a 9HP Eurorack module

28-Apr-23    full story...

New Modules Based On 70s Analog Circuitry
ADDAC System Introduces Vintage Pre and Vintage Clipper

16-Dec-22    full story...

Modular Synthesis Ins And Outs
ADDAC System launches balanced Eurorack input and output modules

05-Oct-22    full story...

Stereo Discrete Mixer Inspired By Moog
ADDAC System's new ADDAC713 is inspired by the legendary CP3 mixer

11-Aug-22    full story...

Eurorack Module For Granular Synthesis
ADDAC System launches ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling

25-Jan-21    full story...

Eurorack Clock Module
ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources is coming in January

13-Nov-20    full story...

Simple Eurorack Frame Utility
ADDAC Stand lets you set the angle of your Eurorack frame

27-Oct-20    full story...

EQ With The VC Spectral Tilt
ADDAC System's new module gradually tilts the frequency spectrum of the audio signal

04-Sep-20    full story...

Flexible Drum Module And Envelope Triggering
ADDAC System 217 Quad Gate 2 Trigger takes a more nuanced approach

30-Jan-20    full story...

New Multi-Mode Filter Module
ADDAC System 604 Dual Filter can be used anywhere in a stereo signal path

27-Jan-20    full story...

Eurorack Module Offers Four-Quadrant Mixing
ADDAC System 805 VC Signal Router uses three X-faders for advanced morphing and sweeping

23-Dec-19    full story...

Sum & Difference Eurorack Module
ADDAC System 216 mixer does summing but also enables the subtraction of two signals

10-Dec-19    full story...

Super Utility Eurorack Module
ADDAC System 215 has sample & hold, track & hold, linking and processing features

23-Oct-19    full story...

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