Boards of Canada Inspired Chroma Campfire

US Plus an exclusive offer for Sonicstate fans      22/06/24

Reverb Machine is known for delivering expert track breakdowns and artist inspired presets - and they're back with a Boards of Canada inspired collection suitably entitled 'Chroma Campfire'. The pack is available for Arturia Pigments and Arturia Analog Lab, and features 80 presets with a strong focus on ambient pads infused with white noise, fuzzy distortion, tape delays, and dark reverbs. Craft your own ambient soundscapes with BOCs signature ethereal tones and textured backgrounds. 

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Chroma Campfire is a nostalgia-filled preset pack for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab, deeply inspired by the distinctive soundscapes of Boards of Canada. This collection includes 80 meticulously crafted presets that both recreate some iconic Boards of Canada tracks and offer new sounds influenced by their unique style.

Utilising the advanced capabilities of Pigments, these detailed presets harness multiple layers, integrated samples, versatile filters, and complex effect chains to authentically replicate the effects-heavy sound of Boards of Canada's music.


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