Samplicity Releases Number Seven Professional

US Bricasti reverb sound replicated for all common surround formats      21/06/24

Samplicity Releases Number Seven Professional

Samplicity has released Number Seven Professional which they say can apply the prestigious Bricasti sound to your mixes, with full control over modulation for lush and evolving tails.

A spokesperson told us, "Use compression for reverb tail ducking and noise gating for huge drum sounds. Bolster your cinematic mixes with the many Hall presets, or get creative with Ambiences and Spaces for your post-pro work."

Key features of Number Seven Professional

  •     Support for all common surround formats up to Atmos 9.1.6
  •     Works like having up to eight synchronized True-Stereo reverb plugins
  •     Crossfeed per channel: each input can spill into the other channels
  •     Dedicated spill handling to and from the Center channel
  •     Processing support for the LFE channel
  •     Additional delay control per output channel
  •     Surround-aware modulation, switchable per output channel
  •     Mid-Side width control per output channel
  •     Decorrelation option per output channel
  •     Task-oriented UX/UI design, with wide, tall and collapsed modes


Plus all key features of Number Seven Stereo Edition

  •     136 most accurate presets from the Bricasti M7 hardware reverb
  •     Dual modulation, handling early reflections and reverb tail separately
  •     Pre-delay, either time based, or based on the host's tempo
  •     Five band equalizer, with five minimum-phase filter types
  •     Sidechain compressor, with threshold, ratio, knee, drive, make-up, attack and release
  •     Sidechain signal gate, with threshold, attack and release
  •     Compressor and gate can be driven by dry or wet signal
  •     Highly efficient and accurate processing with zero latency
  •     Formats: AU, VST3 and AAX
  •     Native Apple Silicon support


Pricing and Availability:
€ 159.00 Excl VAT until July 11 (regular price: € 229.00)

Upgrade available from N7 Stereo Edition to N7 Professional

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