LEWITT Releases LCT 240 PRO Vocal Set

US Mic, shock mount and magnetic pop filter      18/06/24

LEWITT has released the LCT 240 PRO Vocal set, a new product variation of one of their best-selling microphones. This is what they have to say about it...

The LCT 240 PRO is the first choice to start recording at home and has advanced from an initial insider tip to a bestseller. From today, the LCT 240 PRO is also officially available as a vocal set with a microphone shock mount and a magnetic pop filter, perfect for vocals, podcasts and streaming. But don't be fooled by the price tag. Doja Cat, one of the biggest and best- performing commercial artists, picked the LCT 240 PRO over every other mic in the studio to record vocals on one of her hit songs. And the Record-Ready sound of LEWITT has become an integral part of world-famous studios such as Atlantic Records Studio, Blackbird Studios, Metropolis Studios, Sound Factory and many more.

Record-Ready sound for easy home recording.
What is this "Record-Ready sound"? To make recording as easy as possible, LEWITT tailored the high-end response of the LCT 240 PRO to make your voice sit well in the mix with well- balanced clarity and articulation. This provides confidence when recording music or your first podcast making recording easier.

Beyond enhancing voice recordings, the Record-Ready sound also flatters acoustic instruments like guitar. With the LCT 240 PRO you can capture all the details of your voice or instrument without the background noise thanks to its excellent rear rejection, which works more efficiently than many higher priced studio mics.

Perfect for vocal recording at home.
The new LCT 240 PRO vocal set comes with a shock mount to protect your signal from rumble and a pop filter that protects your capsule from plosives during vocal recording. Unlike other, most often bulkier solutions, the pop filter magnetically attaches to the shock mount and doesn't cover your face when in front of a camera or recording vocals. The housing is super sturdy as it is made from metal to guarantee that you have something that will last.

The new LCT 240 PRO Vocal set is an easy choice for everyone getting into recording – from podcasters to musicians. And it also serves as an affordable multi-purpose studio mic for experienced audio engineers.

Pricing and Availability:
$129/ €129 / £109

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